With a 99 Cent Razor Angel Subscription

Why are women’s razors so expensive and why is a women’s shave club so hard to find?

The simple answer: they shouldn’t be.

Shopping for razors as a woman can be extremely difficult. If you’re trying to find a shave club, most of them are only for men or are marketed toward men. If you’re shopping in store, the women’s razors are always more expensive than the men’s. It’s a lose-lose situation, and can cause a lot of frustration.

Why does this have to be the case? A woman can shave just as often as a man does and deserves to have a razor made just for her without having to over-pay.

So many women have resorted to choosing men’s razors just because it’s more available to them and is a cheaper option. Is this the best idea, though? Women’s razors and men’s razors are made differently: women’s are specifically made for the contours of your legs and underarms and for thinner hair. A men’s razor, on the other hand, is made for the contours of a face and thicker hair.

The Solution?

Choose a shave club that caters to both men and women without a price difference! (Hint, in case you haven’t figured it out: 99 Cent Razor is the answer.)

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99 Cent Razor has a great selection of men’s razors AND a great selection of women’s razors. The best part? You pay the same price for the women’s razors as you would for the men’s razors! There’s no better choice for a women’s shave club.

Our women’s disposable razor choice (Pink Poodle) is the same price as the men’s Greyhound razor subscription only $3.96 a month. And our women’s refillable razor option (Bernadoodle) is the same price as the men’s German Shepherd razor subscriptiononly $4.96 a month. You can’t really beat that!

The Real Winner

Okay, so I know we said that the best part was the price. But the EVEN BETTER part?! When you buy from 99 Cent Razor, you help save rescue dogs!

Yes, you read that right. When you make an order from 99 Cent Razor — subscription or non-subscription — $0.99 of that order is donated to the START Rescue Team in California. START Rescue transports animals from high-kill shelters to rescue organizations where they are re-homed. START also funds clinics to facilitate no/low cost spay and neuter services.

You’re going to be shaving anyway, so why not save some dogs while you’re at it?