What if we told you that there was a better way to exfoliate your face than using an exfoliator? What if we told you that way was to shave your face? Well, while it may sound odd, women shaving their face (or dermaplaning) has become a very popular trend recently.

There have even been articles done on it by the New York Times and Today Show!

Dermaplaning… What Is It?

Basically, dermaplaning is the clinical term for shaving your face. This is generally done using a straight edge razor, and it also exfoliates the skin in addition to getting rid of hair.

What Does Shaving Your Face Do?

The most popular benefit for women shaving their face is that it exfoliates your skin. Just like shaving your legs removes the top layer of dead skin, so does shaving your face!

But, it’s actually said that shaving your face removes deep layers of dead skin cells. So, if you have dry skin, you might want to look into shaving your face.

This is also a better way to exfoliate your face than using an exfoliator is. Using an exfoliator will generally just move the dead skin cells around your face, while shaving it will actually remove them.

Shaving your face is also a great way to get rid of that “peach fuzz,” or vellus hairs, you hate. This hair can actually clog your pores and lead to breakouts, but it’s totally your decision if you would like to get rid of it or not!

It’s a complete myth that shaving the hair will grow your hair back thicker and darker. When your hair starts to grow back, the ends will be blunt rather than a tip like you’re used to.

So the hair will seem thicker, but it really isn’t. Also, when the hair first comes back it will seem darker at first because it isn’t sun-bleached like it usually is.

Okay, so where’s the proof that shaving my face will benefit me?

For starters, some notable celebrities have been shaving their faces for a long time. Two of the most famous ones that have admitted to it are Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor… and you’ve seen how amazing their skin was, right?!

Many other celebrities today still practice the art of shaving their face but don’t admit to it. A lot of makeup artists shave clients’ faces before doing makeup to get a smoother canvas to work on, and obviously many celebrities get their makeup professionally done.

There are also many beauty gurus that swear by shaving their face. Here are tips and tricks from Laura Lee, Michelle Money (from The Bachelor), and Carli Bybel.


How Do I Shave My Face?

Well, the videos above can show you some tips and tricks on the best way to do it. But, if you didn’t watch those, here are some tips from me.

You should wet your face — shaving dry is never a good thing on any part of your body! This will also soften the hairs for you to get an easier shave.

Then you can apply a shaving cream or shaving gel if you would like, but it isn’t necessary. You can even just use a serum or oil to help the razor glide smoothly. (However, if you’re using a real razor and not a facial razor, I would recommend actual shaving gel.)

You can then shave your face in the same direction that your hair grows (usually downward) for less of a chance of irritation. However, if you want a closer shave, then shave against the grain!

Once you’re done, be sure to rinse your face and apply some sort of moisturizer.

Make sure to also clean your razor after each time you use it, especially since it’s been used on your face! You want to get rid of any bacteria that’s on it for the next time you use it.

To do this, just use water and some rubbing alcohol. Then be sure to wipe it dry with a clean towel. You can generally use a facial razor about three times before having to use a new one.

What Should I Use to Shave My Face?

As you can see from the videos, many people prefer to use facial razors. You can find these in many stores and online.

Some people don’t like using the same type of razor that they would use on their legs, because they say it causes razor burn. However, as long as you hydrate your skin and use something such as a shave gel, then you should be fine. But, we don’t recommend using a normal razor if you have sensitive skin.

If you do choose to use a normal razor, check out these ones here.  (Plus, you’ll be helping raise money to a rescue organization that re-homes dogs from high kill shelters!)

Are There Any Downsides to Shaving Your Face?

There may be some drawbacks to shaving your face, and they’re important to make a note of when you’re deciding whether or not to do it.

You may want to steer clear of shaving your face if you have particularly sensitive skin. Just like you do not use harsh exfoliators because of the irritation they cause, shaving will most likely cause your skin to react the same way.

You also need to be careful when shaving your face. If you press to hard or do it too roughly, you can create redness or even razor burn that will stick around for a while and can be tough to camouflage.

Don’t shave over skin suffering from acne. If you have a breakout, you could aggravate it or even cause damage to your skin, which could lead to scarring. So, only shave on areas that are breakout free.

It is also wise to be very careful of the hair you do not want to remove. You can easily get into the groove and shave off an eyebrow or take out a chunk of hair at your hairline. So, know where you want to shave and pay attention while you are using the razor.

You will need to do some extra exfoliating and cleaning to help prevent ingrown hairs and breakouts. While using the razor will exfoliate, if you do not properly clean the skin and do a light buffing after shaving, that dead skin sits on your face and can cause breakouts.

Additionally, if you can’t commit to regularly shaving it, then don’t bite the bullet and try it. When it starts to grow back, the stubble will be itchy and may not look the greatest, so you really need to be willing to commit.

Should Women Shave Their Face?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it’s really a personal preference. If you feel like shaving your face would benefit you, then go for it! Likewise, if you have some facial hair but you’re comfortable with it, then there’s no need to shave your face.

Basically, do whatever makes you feel happy.

I will say, you’ll find that your skin will feel much smoother due to the exfoliation process. If you wear a lot of makeup often, then shaving your face may be beneficial to the process if you have dry skin.

Happy Shaving!

Ladies: do you shave your face? Or would you consider it? Let us know in the comments!