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Great razors at a great price and also save the lives of pets all over the world. Why would you get your razors anyplace else?

We know you aren’t one of those people who don’t spay or neuter your pet and let them go overpopulate the world. That’s why you are here. Because at, we donate 99 cents to the START Rescue Team for every order. #Shave4Shelters

We’ve set a bold new challenge for ourselves and our company. Our mission is to grow to the point of donating $1000 every month to START Rescue!


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Products For Her

  • bernadoodle-body-front

    The Bernadoodle (Non-Subscription)

  • bernadoodle-body-front

    The Bernadoodle Subscription

    From: $4.96 every 3 months
  • pink-poodle-body-front

    The Pink Poodle (Non-Subscription)

  • pink-poodle-body-front

    The Pink Poodle Subscription

    $3.96 / month
  • KMF_MShave_tube_ecomps-seals_030513

    Women’s 4-in-1 Moisture-Shave Cream | Pomegranate Grapefruit – Tube


Products For Him

  • fhm-sply-shv-crm_grande

    Men’s Shaving Cream

  • greyhound-razor-case-and-cartridges

    The German Shepherd Starter Kit (Non-Subscription)

  • greyhound-razor-body

    The German Shepherd Subscription

    From: $4.96 every 3 months
  • great-dane-4pack-front-back

    The Great Dane Refills (Non-Subscription)

  • great-dane-case-open

    The Great Dane Starter Kit (Non-Subscription)

  • great-dane-razor-body-update

    The Great Dane Subscription

    From: $5.96 every 3 months
  • shepherd-razor-heads-3

    The Greyhound Refill (Non-Subscription)

  • shepherd-package-includes

    The Greyhound Starter Kit (Non-Subscription)

  • shepherd-razor-body

    The Greyhound Subscription

    From: $3.96 every 3 months