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Great razors at a great price and also save the lives of pets all over the world. Why would you get your razors anyplace else?

We’ve set a bold new challenge for ourselves and our company.

Our mission is to grow to the point of donating $1000 every month to START Rescue!

Shaving Never Felt So Kind

For every order, 99 Cent Razor donates $0.99 to the START Rescue Team. The START Rescue Team, located in Valley Village, California, supports and rescues animals all over the world. Their goal is to reduce the number of animals that die in shelters and unfortunately a lot of these issues are due to overpopulation. They do this by spaying/neutering and rescuing animals in poor conditions and then by transporting and re-homing these animals into loving families. For more information visit the START Rescue Team’s website.

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