Deodorants and antiperspirants are personal care products that help prevent body odor and sweating from our underarms.They’ve been in use for most of the last century. But, in recent years there have been concerns that a key ingredient in antiperspirants — aluminum — might be a contributor to health-related problems. This includes breast cancer, kidney disorders, Alzheimer’s Disease and others. This is a huge reason why you should look into an aluminum free deodorant.

There have been several studies on the correlation between aluminum and these health issues, but not enough to directly link the two. Still, online articles and discussion about the fears of the aluminum used in antiperspirants may be enough for you to consider an aluminum-free deodorant, one that is more natural and safe for your body.

In the long run, having the peace of mind that you’re not unintentionally harming yourself with your persona hygiene product selections is one less thing to worry about. Read on about the issues surrounding aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants and how they are being associated — real or not — with some big health issues.

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Aluminum is used as the active ingredient in antiperspirants because of its ability to expand and temporarily block the sweat ducts in your underarms. This prevents this area from perspiring, hence the term antiperspirant. Deodorants, in general, are used to neutralize the odor emanating from your underarm by replacing that smell with a scent that is more pleasant.

The aluminum used in antiperspirants are in the form of salts. These salts react with the water in your sweat to form a chemical reaction that creates a physical plug in the pores of our underarms. The concern about this blocking is that it eliminates one of the ways your body releases toxins — through your underarm sweat. Also, the aluminum in antiperspirants may build up over time.


A few studies released after the new millennium suggested that aluminum-based antiperspirants could increase the risk for breast cancer. Those studies looked at where most breast cancers developed and found that it was in the area closest to the armpit.

Researchers theorized that the chemicals in antiperspirants were being absorbed into the skin and being deposited into the breast tissue. In some studies, researchers found that the level of aluminum in nipple aspirate fluid was significantly higher in breast cancer-affected women than in healthy women.

Other experts, however, claim those studies were flawed and lacked convincing evidence about an increased risk breast cancer due to aluminum-based antiperspirants. They contend the issue has been studied extensively and the results are inconclusive.


About four decades before those year 2000 studies, researchers found high levels of aluminum in the brains of people who had Alzheimer’s Disease. This prompted a concern about aluminum in every day items, including antiperspirants.

Similarly, studies done on dialysis patients who were given a drug called aluminum hydroxide (to control high phosphorus levels) found that those with kidney disease tended to have high aluminum levels. The reason was that their bodies couldn’t remove the aluminum fast enough. This discovery prompted the FDA to require antiperspirant labels to carry a warning that says “Ask a doctor before use if you have kidney disease.”


Other studies point to having too much exposure to aluminum as a reason for bone problems. Researchers content that these higher levels compete with the bone’s ability to absorb calcium, which can lead to bone disease.

Even other ingredients used in antiperspirants have been questioned. Chemical plasticizers known as phthalates found in aluminum antiperspirants have been linked to various health issues. Also, the preservative Paraben, which is used to extend the life of deodorant sticks, could affect healthy cell growth.


Health officials insist aluminum-based antiperspirants are safe to use. Still, the possibility that they could be causing health problems may prompt you to consider natural antiperspirants and deodorants that are aluminum-free. The beauty and personal care industries have responded with this demand, providing consumers with alternatives. These are organic, natural-made and free of chemicals that could prove harmful to the human body over time.

Something to remember when selecting an aluminum free deodorant is to be sure it is made of toxin-free ingredients, too. Homemade solutions include simple soap and water, or a dab of baking soda mixed with water.

An online search will result in a list of such products, but one seller that you should consider for many reasons is sold by 99 Cent Razor. This company is focused on a specific line of products and is committed toward keeping them free of ingredients that could negatively impact your body. The company’s main products are razors, but it also sells aluminum-free deodorants individually or as part of a bundled package.

Two of these deodorants are suitable alternatives to aluminum-based products. The online retailer is committed to giving back to the community while providing great value on its line of razors and related toiletries.


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99 Cent Razor offers a deodorant made by Own Beauty called Green Tea + Cucumber Deodorant. If you’re looking for the best aluminum-free deodorant, this is one to consider adding to that short list. The Green Tea + Cucumber Deodorant is made from cotton extract and witch hazel, which absorbs wetness without the use of aluminum or harsh chemicals.

The organic aloe and chamomile soothe and moisturize sensitive skin while the lichen extract helps fight odors. Natural extracts of 100 percent green tea and cucumber product a unique and pure aroma.

Other benefits of Own Beauty’s Green Tea + Cucumber Deodorant are that the product is a non-GMO, it is gluten-free, and no animals were used in the testing of the product. The deodorant comes in a 2.3-ounce container. You can purchase it from for $5.50.

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Another product that is a natural deodorant that works is Own Beauty’s Lemon + Sage Deodorant. Also made from witch hazel and cotton extract, this deodorant produces an invigorating, fresh scent. Of course, it also keeps you dry and fights odors. The cost for this 2.3-ounce deodorant is $5.50. It is also non-GMO, gluten-free, and cruelty-free — no animal testing!

Own Beauty’s Green Tea + Cucumber and its Lemon+ Sage deodorants are natural, safe products that you can use daily without worry about any additional exposure to aluminum. These products are an alternative to the mainstream commercial brands of deodorants and antiperspirants that are available online. They are also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

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The concern over whether ingredients in deodorants and antiperspirants may contribute to health problems is not one that should be taken lightly or ignored. The issue of aluminum in antiperspirants is a valid concern. Although, health officials insist such products have been and are safe to use. This is based on more than 30 years of studies.

Today, funding for research on aluminum has fallen out of favor. Many people believe the hypothesis was disproven a long time ago. In reality, however, there just isn’t enough data to prove one way or another.


That said, the decision whether to change products because of this reason is up to your personal preference. There are many reasons why you might buy aluminum-free deodorants. One reason is that natural deodorants usually have less ingredients. It’s easier to see what you’re putting on your body that could potentially be absorbed into your body.

Another is that many natural deodorants contain baking soda, which stops bacteria from forming, which could also cause odors. Proponents also say that aluminum-free deodorant won’t stain your clothes yellow. Many of these natural deodorants are specifically made to be cruelty-free, gluten-free and be free of non-genetically modified organisms. Some may also be soy-free and vegan-friendly.

When it comes time to selecting the product that’s right for you, consumers do have many alternatives available, especially online. These options include the many products sold by 99 Cent Razor. If you’re considering a change, just to be on the safe side, we encourage you to give Own Beauty’s Green Tea + Cucumber Deodorant or the Lemon + Sage Deodorant a try.

It is also important to remember that switching to natural deodorant is just one step. If you’re intent on keeping your body free of harmful chemicals, you should also do your research. Learn about switching to natural toothpaste, shampoo, cosmetics and other toiletries. You might want to use natural cleaning products around your home, too. This will ensure you’re limiting you and your family’s exposure to any type of dangerous or harmful chemical. The more you know, the more you can make informed decisions about protecting you and your family from exposure to harmful chemicals.