If you recently started growing a beard, you might not be using beard oil yet. Or, maybe you’ve had a beard for years now and don’t think that an oil is necessary for it.

If the skin under your beard is itchy, you’re getting “beardruff” (don’t worry, we’ll talk about what this even is later on), or you just aren’t finding your beard to be very soft… beard oil could be the answer to your prayers!

What is beard oil?

Beard oil is one the most important things that you can use on your beard. Beard oil keeps your beard looking healthy, clean, and just well-groomed overall.

Basically, beard oil is a cosmetic oil for your beard that helps your beard look healthier and fuller.

You can think of it like a shampoo for your beard. It should be a part of your daily routine, right in there with your body wash, body scrub, deodorant, and beard wash.

What is beardruff, and will beard oil help my beardruff?

Beardruff is exactly what it sounds like… dandruff, but on your beard. And it can be just as unpleasant as regular dandruff.

You would never let your hair stay ridden with dandruff, right?

So why would you let that happen to your beard?

You probably wouldn’t! That’s where beard oil can come in. Just like you wouldn’t shave off your hair because of dandruff, you shouldn’t have to shave off your beard because of beardruff.

What are the benefits to using it?

There are so many benefits to using beard oil. Put simply, beard oil hydrates, conditions, and softens both your beard and the skin underneath of it. Once you use it, you’re going to wonder why you weren’t using it in the first place!

One benefit of beard oil is that it can make your beard smell amazing. With scents such as cedarwood or sandalwood, beard oil gives your beard a nice scent that isn’t too overwhelming.

Beard oil will also just make you feel good! You’ll have a shinier, healthier, softer, and more manageable beard than you ever had before.

How do I apply it?

The method of how to apply beard oil is actually very simple!

It’s best to apply beard oil after washing it. This usually means after you’ve showered, because that’s the time when your pores and hair follicles are open and can easily absorb the oils.

If your beard is still wet, towel-dry it first. Oil and water obviously don’t mix well, so you don’t want your beard to be soaked!

However, it’s good to keep your beard a little bit damp. This way, the oil will replace the water, and your hair follicles will be able to absorb more oil.

Then, just apply about a dime-sized amount of the oil to your palms. Rub them together, and gently massage it into your beard. Make sure you massage well enough that it’s getting all the way down to your skin!

Afterward, or during if your beard is on the longer side, you can take a brush or comb to the beard to style it.

Okay, I’m convinced… where can I buy beard oil?

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