Do you try a new razor every time you see a new advertisement? Maybe you just wait for some direct marketers to send their latest products in the mail. Or perhaps you have a tried and trued razor that you hope they’ll never stop making — fingers crossed.

Regardless of your method of shopping for a new razor, do you know if you’re using the best razor for you?

Sometimes the best razors for women aren’t the ones on the pretty endcap in the store. It may be necessary to dive deeper.


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You may not have found the perfect razor yet, but few women out there can say they’ve never found the wrong razor. You’re probably thinking of that razor burned wound that didn’t stop bleeding right now.

Regardless, let’s look past the meaningless buzzwords like “multiple blades” and look at what the best razor for women really looks like.


How many blades do you really need?

Blades aren’t just a gimmick. They do make a difference.

If you’re looking for a close, smooth, and even shave, you’ll want to go for at least three blades — four or five are generally best.

You can shave with two or three blades, but you’ll need to have the right technique to get the job done.


Some women shave all their hair — some don’t. Women can shave — or not shave — whatever they want, thank you very much.

But if you’re going to be shaving your bikini area, you’ll want to find a razor designed for your bikini area. Why? Because it will better prevent ingrown hairs — and your bikini area is the last place you want an ingrown hair.


You’re probably using shaving gel when you shave, but the lubrication on your razor also makes a difference.


The lubricant helps your razor glide over knobbly areas like knees — you know, where you’re always cutting yourself. It also allows you to achieve a smoother shave than you’d otherwise get.


Added moisture is one of those properties found in new-fangled razors, but it’s important for women with chronically dry skin. If you’re spending 15 minutes standing in hot water to shave your legs, you shouldn’t come out looking like a reptile at the end.

Razors with additional moisturizing properties should help keep your skin smooth and silky after you shave.


Ready to check out some razors you may have never heard before? Here’s a list of some of the best razors for women.

1. THE Guardian

guardian subscription razor is the best razor for shaving legs

Want a razor that goes the extra mile and adds a bit of lubrication and moisturization to your shave? You might like the Guardian.

The Guardian is a refillable razor, so you can change the blades without getting rid of the handle. It comes with a handle, a shower mount, and three blade cartridges.

The extra comfort comes from the guard strip on the top of the head, which is made from aloe and Vitamin E for extra comfort and smoothness. You might like this razor if you shave regularly and stubble drives you crazy. The aloe and Vitamin E strop allow you to get a close shave to get rid of the stubble without cutting yourself.

The Guardian is a subscription razor, which is great because as you’ll remember, you should be switching out your razor blade every couple of shaves to prevent bacteria.


best razors for women

Do you have knobbly knees, spider veins, or just want the perfect shave every time?

The Remington razor comes with all the trappings for women who want a close shave with half the effort.

The blades are dual-sided, which means you can shave in any direction and in almost any area regardless of whether you’ve got time for a shower. The dual-sided blade is also great for those who let their hair grow long because it’s better equipped to remove them without five extra swipes or causing ingrown hairs.

This razor is also designed for regular shavers who don’t always remember to buy new cartridges. It has an anti-microbial strip that should protect you from bacteria for a while. You shouldn’t cut yourself often with this razor anyway because it offers Remington’s Smooth Glide technology, an easy grip, and an almond oil strip that moisturizes and provides extra lubrication.


best razors for women

This razor is a unique option for those whose focus often lies on their bikini area. It includes five blades for a close shave in fewer strokes, which creates less irritation while also getting the job done quickly.

It also has several added features that make it easier to shave your legs and bikini area. The moisturizing serum puts moisture back into your skin during your shave, but it’s also hypo-allergenic.

To switch to your bikini line, all you need to do is switch the handle around. The trimmer can be used in the shower or out and the adjustable comb means one swipe won’t leave you bald. It includes four settings so you can create the look you’d find in a waxing salon without — you know — having to get a wax.

4. THE Angel

affinity personna razors

Looking for a great razor, but you’re not fussy about all the added features? The Angel may be a great choice.

It’s a good starter razor with three-blades for a close shave. Every subscription comes with four three-blade razors, and you can get them sent once a month, every 2 months, or every 3 months.

Why so many? Doesn’t that seem like overkill?

No! You shouldn’t use your razor blade more than a few times. It doesn’t just get dull, but it’s also exposed to and traps bacteria. The bacteria are what cause the little red bumps you may have noticed on your skin. It can also get into wounds if you accidentally cut yourself.

Getting four razors a month is a good reminder to switch them up once a week and keep them clean.


Razors aren’t all made equally. Whether you’re looking for a simple razor to shave your legs when necessary or you want a profession job done, there’s an affordable razor out there for you. Have you tried any of these razors? What do you think?