Everyone probably has a jar of Vaseline in their bathroom, but did you know how many Vaseline uses there really are?!

There are a ton of uses for Vaseline out there that you probably have never even heard of — more than are even on this list! But, we did put together a list of the 21 most unique Vaseline uses that we think would help you out in your day-to-day life.

By the way — these can be used with any brand of petroleum jelly, not just Vaseline! So keep reading to figure out more ways that you can be using the Vaseline that is probably sitting in your cabinet just waiting to be used.

1. Cold and windy out? Apply Vaseline!

It will act as a barrier for your skin to not get too dried out and chapped.

2. Use Vaseline to help you tan.

Use Vaseline on your dry spots before self-tanning. It will act as a barrier and prevent streaks or stains.

3. Vaseline can help your skin recuperate after a cosmetic surgery procedure.

4. Put Vaseline on your earlobes before putting earrings on.

If you’re having trouble getting your earrings to go in, Vaseline should help them slide right in.

5. Use Vaseline to keep your razor fresh.

You can keep your razors looking like-new by putting a very thin layer of Vaseline on the blades between each use. Just make sure that the blades are completely dry before doing so to prevent rust!

6. Soften your skin by using Vaseline.

You can make your elbows, feet, knees, and any dry part of your body super smooth just by massaging with Vaseline.

7. Apply Vaseline under eyeshadow to make it shine.

You can turn any eyeshadow in a metallic-looking one simply by putting Vaseline on your lid first.

8. Use Vaseline to remove makeup stains.

Believe it or not, Vaseline on a damp washcloth can help get makeup stains out of clothes, pillows, sheets, and blankets.

9. Apply some Vaseline to your eyebrows.

Vaseline can help out your eyebrows in two different ways. One, it will make your eyebrows more firm. Two, when applied before filling them in, it will help the makeup stay on longer and be shinier.

10. Put Vaseline on your eyelashes.

This one probably sounds a little weird, but putting Vaseline on your eyelashes softens them and helps the lashes appear longer when you put mascara on.

11. Prevent nail polish from sticking to your nail polish bottle with Vaseline.

You know how annoying it is when you can’t get a nail polish bottle open because it crusted up around the cap? Well, Vaseline can fix that! Just put some around the inside of the cap before closing it. It won’t dry out your nail polish, either!

12. Make a chocolate-flavored Vaseline lip gloss.

Just melt some Vaseline with one chocolate chip in the microwave. A lot of girls swear that it actually makes their lips softer than using Vaseline alone does.

13. Keep hair dye from getting on your skin using Vaseline.

Dying your hair at home? Apply Vaseline around your hairline like a mask to keep it from getting on your skin and staining it.

14. Make your week-old manicure look new again by putting some Vaseline on top.

15. Use Vaseline if you have a ring stuck on your finger.

It will slip right off!

16. Vaseline can give you a mess-free manicure.

Apply it around your cuticles to keep the color off of the skin around the nail. You’ll get a perfect manicure!

17. Put Vaseline on your teeth for a perfect smile.

Celebrities do this before the red carpet! Vaseline keeps your lips from sticking to your teeth.

18. Vaseline can help people who suffer from skin inflammation.

A lot of people think that Vaseline will clog your pores, but that isn’t necessarily true. It fills in the gaps to obstruct lipids, which is what you want to happen to get healthy and glowing skin.

19. Use Vaseline as a makeup remover.

Just dip a Q-tip in and the makeup will wipe away! This is perfect if you’re out of makeup remover and don’t really have another option.

20. Vaseline can help prevent chafing.

If you’re going to be running or wearing tight clothing, put a little Vaseline on the areas where you know you’re prone to chafing. It will help a ton!

21. Use Vaseline after shaving.

It will help smooth and soothe your skin a ton.