Do you need freakin’ awesome stocking stuffer ideas? Look no further than 99 Cent Razor. Seriously, the online company has some of the best razors on the market and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Subscriptions are available for men and women. And there’s a bunch of choices. With so many options, there’s something for everyone on your list. Still not convinced? Check out what the razor company has to offer, and you’ll have no doubt this is the only stocking stuffer you’ll ever need. By the way, every purchase you make from 99 Cent Razor helps dogs and cats in need. But, we’ll tell you more about that later.

How 99 Cent Razor Works

You’ve likely heard about 99 Cent Razor before; the company has been on the market for some time. But, do you know what they do? All the company’s razors are manufactured at a factory just for them. With a private label, the razors can be offered to the public for much less than those you’d buy at the drug store. Even better, these razors are remarkably like more expensive ones from brands you know (minus the pretty packaging and labels). While everything from 99 Cent Razor is great, there are two subscriptions that stand out the most – The Bernadoodle and The Great Dane.

The Bernadoodle – Stocking Stuffers for Her

landing-page-razor4The Bernadoodle is made specifically for women. Don’t worry; that doesn’t mean it’s pink or purple like typical shavers. It’s a white and blue razor made with a Vitamin E and aloe strip and an ergonomic handle. That’s right, every time the lady you gift this with shaves her legs, she’ll have you to thank for her extra smooth skin. Believe it or not, you can give the gift of smooth legs and soft pits for less than $5 a month.
What’s included in the subscription? The first subscription delivery includes a handle, shower mount, and (3) three blade razors. Every delivery after that includes (4) three blade refills. With the Bernadoodle subscription, lady stubble doesn’t stand a chance.

The Great Dane – Stocking Stuffers for Himlanding-page-razor3

The Great Dane is perfect for all the dudes in your life. The razor company refers to this particular blade as its “Top Dog.” It’s a five-blade razor with a trimmer attached. Like the Bernadoodle, the initial delivery of the Great Dane gifts your loved one with the only razor they’ll ever want, a handle, travel case, and replaceable heads.

Subsequent shipments include replacement heads. The razor/trimmer combination ensures guys only need this razor to manage their goatee, unsightly neck hair, sideburns, or even unruly nose hairs. A monthly subscription costs a bit more at $6 a month, but that’s because men tend to be a bit rougher on their shaving equipment.

Benefits of a 99 Cent Razor Subscription

When you gift someone with a 99 Cent Razor subscription, you’ll be sure they think of you every time they groom themselves. Is that weird? Okay, they’ll think of you every time they receive their new razors in the mail. How’s that? Better, right? Now, think of all the benefits the program offers beyond hygiene and good looks.
• Low-cost razors delivered right to the recipient’s front door
• The ability to cancel or pause deliveries as needed
• Access to quality razors at a discounted price
• Creating much less waste (no plastic packaging to prevent theft)

99 Cent Razors #Shave4Shelters

unnamed-4Remember earlier when we told you that 99 Cent Razor purchases help animals and dogs in need? It’s true, they do. For every sale the company receives, they donate .99 cents to S.T.A.R.T., a non-profit rescue that supports shelter animals. The non-profit shelter is located in Valley Village, California, and focuses on saving shelter animals by rehoming pets and concentrating their efforts on spaying and neutering to decrease overpopulation.
At the end of every quarter, 99 Cent Razor counts the number of sales they had during that period. Then the company cuts a check to the animal shelter. For example, if they do 10,000 sales in the fourth quarter, they’ll cut a check to S.T.A.R.T. for $9,900. Pretty great, right? Not only do they offer quality razors at low prices, but they give back to shelter animals too.
Give the gift of hairlessness and good hygiene when you buy 99 Cent Razor subscriptions as stocking stuffers this holiday season. Not only will you be giving those you care about a gift they’ll use but your purchase will allow you to help support shelter animals and decrease overpopulation as well.