What would we do without our skin? This might be a better train of thought: just think how vulnerable we would be. Our skin protects us and yet, we don’t necessarily return the favor. That’s why it might be time to focus in on natural skin care.

People spend oodles of money on products and care for their hair, their teeth, and their health. Skin tends to take the backseat far too often. Now, this is not to say that everyone is wildly ignorant when it comes to skin care. There are those who know their stuff!

They even have a whole host of products that they swear by, and a beauty regime which would baffle even the smartest of us. But do these self-care gurus know what they are talking about, or have they simply fallen prey to the devious marketing campaigns of the cosmetic industry giants? Let's take a look at how you can have a natural skincare routine that works for your skin! 


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The skin care motto is a simple one, even maybe a cliché, but true none the less. When it comes to your skin, natural is always better. Head to your closest mirror, look yourself directly in the eyes and repeat it out loud. Maybe even say it twice, just for good luck.

So, now that that is out of the way: what’s next? Well, obviously skin care involves some kind of routine. One cannot willy-nilly throw a bunch of products on their skin at any time of the day and expect to look 25 for the next 30 years. There must be structure and there must be timing.

Armed with this new-found knowledge, let’s jump right into a skincare routine which all but guarantees eternal youth.


include washing your face as part of your natural skin care routine

You’ve rolled out of bed and are heading straight to the kitchen to grab that first cup of coffee. Wrong. What you should be doing is heading to the bathroom. Youthful skin waits for no one. Firstly, you need to splash some cold water on your face.

Not only will this give you a bit of a jolt, but it will also rinse off a small amount of dead skin that accumulated during the night. The next step is to cleanse your face. Cremo Facial Cleanser a pH neutral face wash that deep cleans without stripping your skin, leaving your skin looking and feeling it’s best. It rinses off easily, never clogs pores, and is a great addition to your morning routine.

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If you are a morning shower type of person, then now is the time to hop in there. While you are bellowing out the chorus to some hipster kid’s latest soundtrack, don’t be afraid of getting a bit soapy. Washing is important — we all know this.

Find a body wash that moisturizes your skin and leaves you smelling great! Look for natural ingredients like coconut oil that won't dry out your skin or add any unnecessary chemicals. 


shaving your beard as part of your natural skin care routine

For all the men in this audience, it is generally around this point where the razor comes out. Yes, beards are cool. Yes, they are manly. But a clean-shaven face with a hint of cologne is downright irresistible. So, come on boys, scrub up, shave up, and suit up. The results will be worth it — that is a promise.

Next, it’s time to moisturize. You want something that will hydrate the sensitive skin on your face. The Cremo Face Moisturizer is light and fluid, containing the calming, natural anti-inflammatory, Triple-A Complex. Cremo face moisturizer immediately and dramatically heals and soothes skin. Order your Cremo Face Moisturizer today

Before you head out to perform your various chores, the last thing that needs to be applied is sunblock. Never ever skip the sunblock. The sun is harsh, no matter which country you live in. Nothing ages a person more than the sun.


By doing these small things every morning and night, you will be paving the road to youthful looking skin. And yes, this outlined routine does need to be done at night, too.

It is not necessary to shower or bathe twice a day — that is completely up to each person. However, remember that it is possible to over wash. Skin can become quite irritated if a person showers too much or scrubs far too vigorously.

The key is gentle, circular strokes. This couple with soap is more than sufficient to rid yourself of the dead skin cells, dirt, grime, and sweat which has accumulated during the day.

Lastly, swap out sunblock for a night cream in the evening. This goes without saying, but people don’t need sunblock when the sun is down. In its entirety, this routine is simple, efficient, and is the best possible way to protect the thing that you could not live without.

Take Your SKinCare Routine to the Next Level

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