There are so many shaving myths out there that simply aren’t true. We’re here to debunk them for you! Some of the myths can be downright bad for your skin, so save your skin and read these tips.

“Shaving is all that I need to do to exfoliate.”

shaving myths

Shaving and exfoliating are not the same thing! While shaving does remove the top layer of dead skin, your skin still needs to be exfoliated. They are two different things, and you should always be exfoliating before shaving.

“I won’t get ingrown hairs if I wax instead of shaving.”

The best way to prevent ingrown hairs is by exfoliating.

“My hair grows back thicker, darker, and faster when I shave.”

I promise you that it doesn’t. Shaving just trims the hair, it cannot stimulate growth. Only genetics and hormones can do that! It may seem thicker when growing back, but that’s only because of the blunt ends.

Also, when you’re shaving, you’re only trimming from the surface, rather than the root. So compared to waxing, shaving will also seem to make hair grow back faster. That’s just because it’s growing from the surface instead of the root.

“I always get dry skin after shaving and it gets itchy with rashes.”

This may be true, but there are so many ways to prevent this and it’s not from the act of shaving itself.

First of all, shaving actually does the opposite of making your skin dry. You’re removing the top layer of dead skin, so the skin will actually be smoother after.

As for the rashes and itchiness, you have to use the right tools. A dull/old razor blade will cause irritation on your skin, as well as pressing too hard with the razor. This will then cause itching and rashes.

You also have to be sure to moisturize your skin before and after you shave! If your skin is getting dry from shaving, you probably just have dry skin in general!

“I forgot my razor… I’ll be fine if I just borrow my friend’s.”

No, no, no. Even if you’re very close to the person, sharing a razor just isn’t hygienic at all!

“I’ll lose my tan if I shave!”

Yes, shaving exfoliates your skin, but it won’t do anything to your tan! Your skin goes through a skin renewal process every 4-6 weeks.

“Shaving every day is bad for my skin.”

It’s perfectly fine to shave every day if your hair is growing so fast that you need to! You’ll actually probably get smoother skin from doing so, because your dead skin is being exfoliated away more often.

“I’ll be fine if I shave without water.”

We really don’t recommend to EVER do a dry shave. Water helps your razor glide smoothly over your skin. Even if you’re in a hurry, you should still use it.

“Since I started waxing at a young age, I’ll have less hair when I’m older.”

Waxing never guarantees permanent hair removal. However, it COULD reduce the amount of hair in the area for some people.

“If I keep shaving the same area, I’ll deter hair growth there!”

Again, you can’t get guaranteed permanent hair removal. Also, doing this will just irritate your skin. It could cause bruises and spots, too.

“Shaving is just so messy.”

shaving myths

It doesn’t have to be! You just need to use the proper shaving methods and tools.

“Shaving makes my skin so rough.”

Shaving is trimming the hair from the surface, not the root. So when the hair grows back, it probably will feel slightly rough. However, shaving helps exfoliate your skin by removing the top layer of dead skin, leaving it feeling soft!

“I’ll get wrinkles if I wax my facial hair.”

shaving myths

This definitely isn’t true. Unless you’re getting your face waxed every single day, this isn’t something you need to worry about.

“I only get ingrown hairs because I have curly hair.”

Nope — people of all hair and skin types can get ingrown hairs!

“No matter what, waxing is ALWAYS painful.”

Yes, it is going to be painful… you’re pulling your hair out from the root! It really comes down to your pain tolerance and the technique of the person doing the waxing.

The best way to ensure a less painful wax is to actually get waxes more often.

“I’ll get so many more cuts if I buy a new razor or razor blades.”

shaving myths

Actually, the opposite is true! Using an old or dull razor blade will make you press harder to the skin, which will cause irritation and cuts. If you’re getting cuts from a new razor, you’re most likely just pressing down too hard!