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When you think of November, election season and Thanksgiving typically come to mind. This November there are bigger things to be concerned with other than who to vote for or what dishes to make for the big feast. To shave, or not to shave. It’s an important decision.

If you find yourself asking “What is no shave November for?” or “What does no shave November support?” you might want to do some research before shaving your face. The decision to shave or to not shave is a crucial one. So before you let your beard get a little native and type November No Shave in your calendar, you should take a look at the facts first.


​We strongly encourage supporting cancer awareness and research. If participating in No Shave November is how you choose to do so, we do not discourage that! This post is simply to inform those who are considering whether or not participating is the right move for them.

​What is No Shave November?

​This is when guys all across the country drop their razors for an entire month until December 1st rolls around. Some men view it as a competition to see who grows the best beard and others do it truly to support the cause.

​Meaning of No Shave November

​At some point in the last couple of years you have probably heard of “no shave November”. The whole purpose of no shave November is not to let your beards grow crazy, but to raise awareness for different kinds of cancer including prostate cancer. The goal is to donate the money you normally would use to get a haircut or groom your facial hair to St. Jude or other cancer research charities.

This is a great tradition but the real no shave November meaning and significance often gets lost among all of the jokes, hashtags and hype created by the media. Many men don’t even realize why they do it. Some use it as an excuse to not shave for a whole month. Although the no shave November cause of cancer is a great cause to support, there are other alternative ways to show your support.

​No Shave November Origin

​So, how did no shave November start? No Shave November started after a father in Chicago passed away from colon cancer. His 8 sons and daughters started this campaign in 2009 in honor of their father. Over 6 years this became a popular thing to do among many throughout the country.

There are a lot of things that people don’t tell you before you decide to participate in this official month of no shaving. From trends to setbacks and to just straight opinions. Even if you like facial hair on a guy, or as a guy it only goes to a certain point. No one likes beards or mustaches that look unkept. Many girls like a man with a well groomed beard, but if you happen to be one who doesn’t, chances are “No Shave November” is not your month.

​What are the benefits to no shave november?

​1. You’re supporting cancer awareness.

​While you’re growing out your beard for the month, you’re likely to tell people about why you’re doing it. It’s a great conversation starter, and can really generate a huge conversation about cancer. It can get more people to make sure they’re getting regular checks for prostate cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, etc.

​2. If you’re doing it right, you’re donating money to cancer research.

​To properly participate in No Shave November, you should be donating the money that you aren’t spending on razors and shaving accessories to a cancer research organization, such as the Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Don’t just participate in No Shave November to grow an awesome beard — make it worthwhile and donate the money you’re saving to cancer research!

​3. You’re gaining health benefits.

​There’s more to growing out your beard than just getting a new look. There’s actually health benefits, too! A beard is a natural toxin filter — it keeps things like pollen and dust from getting into your lungs, because they’re clinging to your beard instead.

It can also help prevent blemishes. Shaving gives you a risk of getting bacteria into your skin, especially if you’re not using proper methods. Growing out a beard can combat this.

November is when the weather really starts getting cold, and a beard can act like a scarf for your face and neck. It’s really the perfect time to stop shaving!

Lastly, a beard can help with sun protection. Obviously you will still need to apply sunscreen, because hair isn’t going to block out 100% of the sun’s UV rays, but it’s been proven that a beard can block up to 95% of them! What better way to support cancer awareness than actually practicing it?

​So What Don’t They Tell You About No Shave November? What could be the negatives?

​1. Not Everyone Can Pull Off or Grow Facial Hair

What about those people who can’t really grow facial hair? If you fall into this category you might already be disappointed that you can’t produce a macho beard. The disappointments will only continue when No Shave November comes around. We hate to break it to you, but no one wants to see a man that can only grow patches of uneven gross facial hair.

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​Let’s face it; not everyone looks good with a beard. They might not have the face shape or personality for a beard. Sure there is Movember where those who prefer to have a mustache instead of a beard can participate, but not everyone looks good with facial hair, PERIOD. For most women facial hair is only considered attractive when it is well kept and groomed and with No Shave November, that is not the case.

​2. Hipster Beards Aren’t “In”

​For the longest time every man’s goal was to rock the hipster beard. You couldn’t go to a trendy coffee shop or hip restaurant without becoming lost in a crowd of wannabe lumberjacks. We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s just not cool anymore. The time for hipster beards is long gone.

​3. No Shave November is Sexist

​When it comes to no shave November women aren’t often participants. It’s all fine and dandy when a guy decides to put the razor into hibernation, but when a women decides to, suddenly “it’s gross”. We are all human so we shouldn’t have different expectations based on typical cultural roles and gender norms.

​4. Not Everyone Can Participate

​Some jobs frown upon facial hair. For those guys with jobs that do not allow them to grow a beard, how do they show their support for this cause? Or maybe even the women out there who want to join the movement but are too scared of being judged? There are many people in the world who wish they could, but can’

​5. Your Beard Has Poop In It

​Okay, maybe your beard doesn’t have actual poop in it, but multiple studies (KOAT & NY Post) have shown that your beard might be just as dirty as a toilet. Just because you wash your face or take daily showers does not mean that your beard is squeaky clean.

​6. It Takes Longer Than 1 Month to Grow a Good Beard

​Usually it takes months and months for any man to grow the most glorious, luscious beard that many women go crazy about. According to Beardoholic, a beard on average only grows half an inch per month. If you expect to grow a hip beard in just one month, you can take your so-called beard to the World Beard and Mustache Championships and see what they have to say.

​7. If You Already Have a Beard, You Have to Shave It

You have spent months and maybe years perfecting your beard. If you want to be a part of No Shave November, your hard earned beard will be history. One of the No Shave November rules is that you start out with a clean face. If you don’t feel like saying goodbye to the beard you worked so hard to get you are not able to do No Shave November.

In order to support the charity of cancer research there are other events, products and things you can do to make a difference. The whole reason for No Shave November is to raise money and awareness for cancer. Why can’t we just dedicate a whole month or host another event to do the exact same thing? An event where there are no rules, photos, memes, or other aspects that draw away from the original goal. Before you decide to start letting your hair grow for No Shave November, think about all of these reasons why you should not take part in No Shave November.

If you choose not to participate in No Shave November to raise awareness and money for cancer research in other ways, that’s great! But, you’ll probably need some quality razors to continue shaving with… right?

Well, what if we told you that you could purchase quality razors at an affordable price, while raising money for animal rescue? Yep, you’ll be able to keep your beard, raise awareness for cancer in other ways, AND donate money to an animal rescue organization! What could be better than that?! At 99 Cent Razor, we donate $0.99 of every order to START Rescue, an organization in California that re-homes animals that are in danger. Click here to check out what we have to offer!


Use the code NOSHAVENOV on our site to save 15% off your order! We want you to support cancer research, but also be prepared when the time to shave comes back around.

​No Shave November Quotes

  • ​“Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic. You don’t mind going through a little bush to get there!” Minnie Pearl
  • ​“You can’t grow a beard if you shave” Bob Blue
  • ​“I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man.” Johnny Weir
  • “I will never shave off my beard and moustache. I did once, for charity, but my wife said, ‘Good grief, how awful, you look like an American car with all the chrome removed.” Rolf Harris

​No Shave November Memes and Images

​Find a no shave November meme and prepare yourself for beards on beards on beards. There’s tons of funny no shave November pictures, memes and other things on the Internet that you can come across.


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