Even if you love to wear a full face of makeup, there are some days that you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a ton of it. Of course, the only way to truly go natural is to NOT wear makeup. But, sometimes you just don’t feel confident enough to not wear makeup, so the best solution is to wear a no-makeup makeup look.

We know, that’s a bit of an oxymoron, but we promise that it will help you out!

Here are 8 tips and tricks to achieving the perfect no-makeup makeup look so that people will think you “woke up like this,” even though you didn’t.

Use a BB Cream or Concealer and Powder

You definitely do not want to use a high-coverage foundation. That will completely defeat the purpose of the “no-makeup” look! Using a BB cream is a good alternative to give you a little bit of coverage all-over, while still looking natural. If you don’t want to use something all over your face, simply use concealer and powder only in the spots where you want a little bit of coverage!

Garnier has an amazing BB cream — it gives a great amount of coverage while staying lightweight. Be sure to use it with SPF, though! You can find it here.

Choose a Light Blush

Choosing a very light-colored blush with no shimmer will give you a natural flush of color on your cheeks.

Contour With Powder — Not Cream

Using a powder contour kit or bronzer to contour with gives you a much more natural look than cream contour does. It isn’t as intense!

Use a Dewy Skin Mist or Rose Water

Using a dewy skin mist will give you a nice dewy skin look without having to use highlighters. Using rose water after applying your makeup, and then laying a tissue over your face, will get rid of any excess makeup that may be on your face! This is perfect for a natural, glow-y look.

Choose a Light Lipstick or Gloss

If you’re going to wear lipstick, be sure to choose a nude or light pink so that it’s natural-looking. If you don’t like to use lipstick, simply wear a lipgloss for some shine on your lips!

Don’t Use False Lashes

It’s pretty easy to tell when someone has false lashes on, which again, defeats the purpose of a “no-makeup” look. Just use mascara! If your lashes SERIOUSLY lack length and volume and you need to wear false lashes, opt for the individual ones. They are much more natural looking!

Highlight High Points of Your Face With Liquid Highlighter

Liquid highlighter is much more natural-looking than powder highlighter is. You should highlight where the light naturally hits your face — the high points of your cheeks, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, inner corner of eyes, and center of eyelids.

Use an Eyebrow Pencil — Not a Pomade

A pencil is MUCH more natural looking than a pomade is. Make sure to use light strokes, too!

Here’s a video that we love of a perfect example of a no-makeup makeup look!