Dull razor blades are the worst. They irritate your skin, can cause razor burn, nicks and cuts, and at the end of all that you probably won't even end up with smooth skin. But do you know how to prevent your blade from dulling? You’re in luck, as we are going to share a couple of secrets that will keep your shaving razor lasting for months on end.


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Modern disposable razors don’t need to be so “disposable.” Your blades don't even necessarily have to be disposable. Blades can last much longer than you think if you're willing to take the time to sharpen them regularly. To sharpen your razor blade do, you need some water and some jeans or denim material. Point the razor away from yourself and push the razor 10-15 times against the jeans or denim material away from your body. Repeat the process on a different area of the jeans. Rinse the blade and let it dry completely before your next shave. You will never believe the difference!

The denim material acts as a polishing cloth and removes tiny dirt particles and hair while sharpening the blade. You will be able to do this for a couple of months before you need to replace your blades. The only reason why you will need to replace them is that they might rust or the plastic might get brittle.

Cleaning Your Razor: WATER VS. ALCOHOL

Water is a sharp blade’s worst enemy, and it holds no prisoners. If you want your blades to last longer, you need to reduce the amount of water on your razor after you shave.

There are two ways in which you can do this. You can either choose to use a blow dryer to get rid of the moisture fast, or you can resort to alcohol. Leaving your blade submerged in surgical alcohol will not only prevent your blade from rusting, it will also disinfect your cartridge and minimize the skin irritation.


Shaving with a five-blade razor and the proper shaving products like shaving cream or gel can be a game changer for your skin. But in all honesty, even a five-blade razor is useless when it's blunt and dull. The whole purpose of shaving with the five-blade is to give you a closer shave. It enables you to style those hard-to-shave areas, like your sideburns and your goatee.

A quality five-blade razor has a unique safety guard that prevents those annoying nicks and cuts when shaving — pretty handy for those rushed mornings! To further extend the life of your razor, add a quality travel case to keep your razor dust-free and dry. For the traveling man, this is actually a must. This razor subscription is a quality five-blade with a safety guard, and comes with a travel case! Plus, you even get your first month for free.

Apart from giving you a close shave, five-blade razors do so without irritating the skin. The secret is in the Aloe and Vitamin E lubricating strip. The ointment is released every time you expose your razor to moisture. Thus, every time you shave, it is as if your skin is treated to an aromatherapy treatment.


It is all good and well that you want to keep your razor as sharp as possible, for as long as possible. But when do your blades actually get dull? The obvious answer is while you shave. For this reason, you need to clean your blade while you are shaving.

While you shave, the cut hair starts to clog the blade, making it ineffective. This causes extra friction and pressure and ends up dulling your blades. This can cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. To prevent this from happening, you need to rinse your razor under hot water every two swipes or so. The more frequently you rinse, the sharper your blades will stay.

When you are finished and have ensured that your blades are free from any dead skin cells or leftover shaving cream, store it upright and give it a chance to ventilate and dry out. Any moisture that is left on your blade will invite germs and probably cause you some discomfort the next time you shave.

All in all, getting the perfect shave and ensuring that your blades last longer is a matter of routine and conscious effort. Your skin, face, and your wallet will love you for it!


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