There are a lot of trends that can stay in the past. Powdered wigs probably shouldn't make a comeback. We're a little confused why scrunchies are becoming a thing again. But one trend that fell to the wayside that we definitely need to bring back is the art of shaving. A clean and close shave is a game changer that can make anyone feel like a badass. We're not 100% sure why. Maybe it’s the tradition passed on through generations, or a sense of pride — who knows. One thing is certain — the traditional art of shaving is back.

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You might ask the question, why the hell would anybody need five blades? Won’t one sharp blade get the job done? I mean, once you shave it off, it takes a while to return. Gillette obviously thought that one blade was just not going to cut it (excuse the pun), but they might have been on to something.

Way back in the day when men were still men, you could tell if a guy was a slouch based on how he shaved. If he was a clean-cut lad, or if his beard was neatly kept, you could be sure that he was someone with character. You could be assured that he was a gentleman and took pride in anything he did. Back then, most guys used the single straight razor — you know, the one that old Sweeney Todd used. That was until Gillette came along and slowly but surely redefined the time-old tradition, and started to usher in a new age of shaving.

During WWI, Gillette struck a deal with the army and handed every single soldier a safety razor, and in an instant won the hearts of an entire country’s men. During the 1960s and 70s, the straight blade and safety razor started to disappear and became more of a novelty than a tradition. It was at this time that Gillette started to add more blades, claiming a closer, more comfortable shave. Gone were the days of a hot water lather brush. The canned lather or shaving cream came along and it made quite the impression.

The rest is history. Nowadays, razors look futuristic and are carefully researched to ensure the closest shave. The aloe strip and five blades with instant lather is really better for your skin than a single blade and good old-fashioned lather, and it’s more of a personal choice on which blade you want to own.



art of shaving

Your grandpa probably still has the lather brush that he has been using for ages. Made from badger hair, these brushes could hold the ideal amount of water and felt amazing to the touch. These brushes can do what no canned leather can do. They lubricate the skin and give you a slight facial massage, which is one of the most important aspects of a good and comfortable shave. 

On the other hand, technology has come a long way, and there are many natural extracts that modern science can incorporate into a canned lather that is arguably just as therapeutic as traditional lathers. But if you're ready to try out the lather brush and see the difference for yourself, check out the Burma Brush.

The Burma Brush is 100% natural bristles and a sturdy water-resistant handle that’s both ergonomically comfortable and eternally classic.The brush gently massages and exfoliates while creating a richer and fuller lather for a smooth, comfortable shave.


Now I don’t know about you, but I love the feel of my weighty safety razor. I just feel as if I have more control, but that is just it. Even if my safety razor didn’t give me as close a shave as a modern multi-blade razor, I would still be happy with it. My safety razor is heavy, looks classic, and just exudes quality. With its butterfly head (meaning it opens on top) and moving parts, just holding it makes you feel more manly.

It again comes back to your own choice. Be it single, double, or the five-blade razor, it depends more on what you are comfortable with.

But honestly, if I compared the closeness of my shave with the modern razor to my safety razor, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the difference. What I am actually getting at is that personal preference is what will sway you one way or the other. Both modern and safety razors have their pros and cons, and you just have to decide on what is important for you. Regardless of which side of the fence you find yourself on, a good old-fashioned shave is coming back and it could not have come at a better time.


Let’s face it, they don’t make things the way they used to. In all aspects of life, it seems that the trend is to mass produce and speed things up. Quality is an afterthought for most things, and that is a reflection on man. But they say that generational attitudes are cyclical, and the wheel turns. Taking the time to get the quality, clean shave you deserve might mean slowing down a little but even in todays fast moving society it's a small price to pay. 


Wet shaving was a part of this generation. It wasn’t just a ritual like taking a quick shower, it was more of an art that required dedication and precision. An art that every man had to learn. It taught them how to treat the most insignificant task with the most attention to detail and how to duplicate that focus into every other aspect of their lives. It taught them that nothing was worth doing if it wasn’t done right.

These are qualities that are nearly nowhere to be found and people want more of it. If you have ever been in a situation where you saw a master at work, it was in all likelihood inspiring and made you crave more of it. You are not alone — more and more people are starting to realize that taking pride in what you do is more gratifying than mindlessly browsing through your social media, wishing that you had someone else’s life. People are realizing that self-discipline, craftsmanship, and dedication are qualities that don’t just uplift oneself, but are qualities that inspire others to uplift themselves.

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