For a lot of modern dudes, your appearance is of utmost importance. And believe it or not, a lot of studies find that American guys are spending more money on beauty products and clothes than their female counterparts. It may just mean that millennial men know that the first secret to success is feeling sexy and confident—-and that includes maintaining a groomed intimate area. And although grooming your body and private areas may be a taboo topic, it’s actually a lot more common than you’d think. In fact, as many as 95% of young guys are already manscaping body hair.

Definition of “Manscaping”

Manscaping is a term that has found its’ way into our mainstream vocab. But, what does manscaping mean?

Manscaping is the practice of removing or trimming body hair.  (And no, despite common misconceptions, it’s not all about removing the hair…down there.) The word “manscaping” actually is an umbrella term for the overall upkeep done on facial hair, chest hair and more. This includes shaving, waxing, trimming, plucking or even removing it with laser treatments. Guys decide to manscape to prevent body odor, improve appearance, attract partners and to just feel good about themselves.

But manscaping is not just about looking good in the buff. It’s also about personal hygiene, building confidence and even showcasing your unique style to your intimate partner. A man who manscapes knows that taking pride in your appearance is an art. In a lot of ways, that little boost of self-esteem can even help you succeed at work, school and personal relationships.

Why is Manscaping Important? 

Maintaining a well-groomed look is important for men for a few reasons. Firstly, men who manscape their body hair tend to be more confident than those who don’t. Therefore, that spring in their step can translate into some really great things in your personal life. Your elevated self esteem from can even skyrocket your persona so that suddenly you are nailing job interviews, important client meetings or whatever else comes your way in your career.

Manscaping also not only builds confidence to succeed with romantic relationships,but also can make you more attractive to them! But real manscapers don’t do it for the babes, they do it for themselves.

How to Manscape Your Body Hair

The first step towards being a finely manscaped dude is to find your weapon of choice. The most popular tool for manscaping is a razor. But not just any razor! Having a quality razor, like one from a 99 Cent Razor subscription, can make all the difference. After all, you’re shaving more than just your face.

You can also purchase hair trimmers made specifically for maintaining the hair on your body! These are great for trimming beards as well as your chest or manscaping your groin. They also sell different types depending on whether you’d rather manscape in the shower or dry.

Other manscaping tools less commonly used are hair removal formulas like Nair or traditional waxing or plucking with tweezers.

It’s recommended that whether you prefer to trim wet or dry, you start with hot water before anything. Hot showers open up your pores which make hair removal easier. Plus, it’s important to gently clean the areas before you shave. You also can’t just go to town on yourself with a bar of soap. It’s important to keep moisturized when your shaving so you should purchase high quality shave gel containing aloe. When you actually begin shaving, be sure to use even and small strokes in a downward motion (against the grain) to avoid razor bumps, ingrown hairs and irritation.

Isn’t it tricky, though?

If you decide to remove or trim hair from areas that are a bit more tricky, you definitely should incorporate good lighting and a small mirror to get all those angles.

If an accident does happen, be sure to clean up the area with soap and warm water. You also want to apply pressure to stop bleeding. However, if a gash seems to be serious and doesn’t stop after 15-20 minutes, you should consult a physician.

Assuming everything goes smoothly (and feels even smoother) then you need to finish up your manscaping with some lotion. This will help ease irritation as well as prevent that itchy feeling that accompanies

If all this seems to be completely overwhelming for you, there are also manscaping services that can take all the mess and guesswork out of it. The only disadvantage to that is the steep cost and the embarrassment of having someone else fiddling around your most intimate areas of your body.

Manscaping Styles

Just like hair styles, there are many different ways to wear your hair on other parts of your body including:

  • Trimmed body hair
  • The “mankini” or removing leg hair outside of underwear line
  • The Brazillian or completely hairless
  • The “landing strip” or partially removed private area but leaving it above gentials

Manscaping Tips & Tricks

There are a couple things every man should keep in mind (after all, emergency room visits spiked in the last decade due to increased interest in male personal grooming….) Here are some manscaping do’s and don’ts:

  • Don’t use kitchen scissors or other tools not designed for hair removal. This can cause injury as well as spread certain types of bacteria.
  • Don’t shave a “full bush” without trimming first. Pubic hairs are coarser than regular hairs so it is more likely to cause ingrown hairs.
  • Take a hot shower before you shave to loosen skin, open pores and prevent bacteria.
  • Purchase alcohol-free shave gel with aloe to prevent irritation on your private parts.
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth and in even strokes.
  • Use extra caution while manscaping your balls. This area is prone to trapping bacteria from just minor lacerations.
  • Pull your skin tight with a less dominant hand when removing private area hair.
  • Finish up with a moisturizing lotion.

Manscaping includes more than just “down there”

So, we’re going to give you some extra tips for every part of your body! Some people like to take care of the hair on their entire body, so we’ve got you covered.

Manscaping Your Chest

First off, we actually have a complete guide on chest hair grooming. But, we’ll give you some of the basic tips and tricks here.

  • You may not want to go completely bare.
  • Trim first, then shave.
  • Use short strokes.
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth.
  • Use a quality razor.
  • You may have to go over some spots more than once.
  • Irritation may happen, but it is treatable and preventable!

Manscaping Your Back

Some men have very hairy backs, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s something that some men are self-conscious about. So, why not manscape it?

However, manscaping your back is one of the trickier parts of your body to manscape, simply because you have to find someone that’s willing to do it for you. Obviously, you can’t really reach your own back to take care of the hair there.

As for how to actually manscape your back, it’s just like any other body part. Trim first, do it in the shower to soften the hair, and moisturize afterward to prevent irritation.

This is pretty much impossible to do if you can’t find someone to do this for you.

Manscaping Your Arms

This is difficult to give advice for, because how short you trim the hair here depends on what type of hair you have. But, again, trim first, then shave!

A pro tip: be sure to shave the hair on your hands and fingers, too. Once you shave your arms, this hair will be much more noticeable and will look a bit odd with bare arms!

Manscaping Your Pubic Hair

I know this is getting redundant, but be sure to trim before you shave. Otherwise, your hair is going to keep getting stuck in the razor and it just won’t be fun at all.

Be sure to lather up with some sort of shave gel or other moisturizing product. This is very important to be sure that you don’t get nicks, cuts, or irritation.

Also be sure to shave in the same direction that your hair grows (with the grain) so that you can avoid irritation and itchiness. Be sure to pull the skin taut, too.

Manscaping Your Balls

We also have a complete guide on how to shave your balls. It may be a taboo subject to talk about, but it’s something that is done and that some guys may need some tips on.

Here are some general tips from our guide:

  • Use a manual razor, like this one
  • Never use a low quality razor
  • Trim before shaving
  • Use an oil
  • Use a shaving cream
  • Use an antiseptic after shaving
  • Shave in the bathtub first
  • Shave in any direction that’s comfortable for you

Manscaping Your Butt

Again, this may be taboo for some people to talk about. But hey, some guys want to do it, so that’s all that matters!

We recommend using an electric razor so that you can easily trim the area when it’s hard to see and reach.

We also don’t recommend trying to get a super-close shave, because it will be very uncomfortable when it starts to grow back with underwear on.

Another option is also to just get it waxed.

Manscaping Your Legs

Men… shaving their legs? Yep, it’s a thing. We also have written a complete article on the new trend of men shaving their legs.

It’s not just for athletes, either! Your Average Joes are participating in the trend, too.

It’s basically the same way that a woman would shave their legs. But, if you’ve never done it before… TRIM FIRST!

Start a Manscape Revolution

Now that you know some of the in’s and out’s of painting a “picturesque manscape”, it’s time to put it into action yourself. So go ahead and let the confidence ensue!

Your entire body is going to be so smooth!