Shaving your legs is that dreaded thing that every woman hates, but has to do. But it doesn’t have to be as painful as we make it! With these tips on how to shave your legs, you might enjoy shaving your legs at least a little bit.

Keep your legs hydrated


It’s important to use your favorite lotion every single day to keep your legs as hydrated as possible. Smooth and hydrated legs will make for a much easier and closer shave!

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Shave after being in the shower for a few minutes

It’s important to shave while you’re in the shower. You should never shave dry — it’s so bad for your skin.

It’s best to shave after a few minutes of being in the shower. This gives the hair enough time to soften, so that you’ll have a much easier time shaving.

Always use hot or warm water, never cold

This probably seems like an obvious one, but it’s never a good idea to shave using cold water. You’re likely to get goose bumps from being cold, and that’s not good for your skin when trying to shave!

Use a good body wash with a loofah or washcloth

Using a body wash with a loofah or washcloth will ensure that your legs are properly exfoliated before shaving. Although shaving does exfoliate your legs to a certain extent, it’s important to keep them exfoliated before shaving as well. This will keep your legs as smooth as possible, giving you the easiest shaving experience.

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Keep your legs exfoliated

While using a loofah or washcloth for your body wash is one way to keep your legs exfoliated, it’s good to use an actual exfoliant or body scrub sometimes too. That will definitely ensure you to get those smooth legs perfect for your shave!

Don’t rush

This is another obvious one, but don’t try to rush through your shave. That’s a sure way to get nicks and cuts, and you’re bound to miss spots if you’re trying to quickly shave!

Use a quality razor

This is a must. Shaving is going to be a pain if you’re using a dull or low-quality razor.

Change your razor or razor blades on a regular basis

This is another necessity on the list! It’s extremely important to change your razor or razor blades regularly.

How often should they be changed exactly? There’s not really a set time to do it, because everyone uses their razors at different at different frequencies. Every razor is different, too.

The best way to be sure that you’re changing your razors often enough? A razor subscription! New razors or blades will be delivered right to your door, and you’ll know that it’s time to change them.

The number of blades don’t matter too much — the quality of them is what’s important

Whether you shave with a 3-blade razor or a 5-blade razor, there’s not too much of a difference. The important thing about your blades is the quality of them, not how many there are!

Don’t share razors

It’s just unhygienic, no matter how close you are with the person. Also, you might prefer to use your man’s razor… but it’s actually very beneficial to use a razor specifically designed for a woman!

Use short strokes

Have you ever wondered how to shave your legs without missing any spots of hair the first time around?

It may seem to take more time, but it is actually so much easier to shave when you use short strokes rather than long ones. You’re much less likely to miss any stops when you shave with short strokes!