Choosing to shave off all of the hair on your head as part of a fashion statement is a big decision. It’s one that you’ll have to live with for at least several months, and every time you look in the mirror. Having a bald head has come in and out of style over the decades — and even centuries. Today, some consider it chic and a sign of a person’s confidence in their own skin.

If you’re considering shaving your head as part of a personal grooming statement, there are definite steps you’ll need to take to do it properly. Before you get started, however, consider that your DNA may have already begun the process of making you bald. According to the American Hair Loss Association, male pattern baldness accounts for more than 95 percent of hair loss in men.

Moreover, by age 35, two-thirds of American men will experience some level of appreciable hair loss. By age 50, 85 percent of men will have significantly thinning hair. The association says most men who suffer from male pattern baldness (medically known as androgenetic alopecia), are extremely unhappy and would do anything to change it.

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There is a definite right way and a wrong way on how to shave your head. First, you can avoid the entire do-it-yourself process by having your local barber or beautician take care of it for you. The work will be professional and take less time, and the experience will be less stressful for you. Plus, your barber will know how to shave the back of your head, which may be difficult if you’re doing this for the first time.

Still, if you prefer to shave your head, here are the steps to follow:


No matter if you have straight, curly or thick hair, you’ll need to trim your locks down to a stubble before you start using a razor. Doing so lessens the chances the razor will get clogged or your hair will pull up, causing you pain.


Once your hair is stubble, you can use a shaving gel or foam to cover your scalp completely. Be sure the gel evenly covers your hair and that it has had time to soak into your hair. This makes it softer and easier to shave. Some people suggest taking a hot shower before applying shaving gel to ensure your hair is as soft as possible.


Depending on your experience and comfort level, you can choose from a safety razor, multiple blade disposable razor or a straight razor. Whatever you select, be sure the razor is new and clean to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum discomfort when shaving. Also, new razors help avoid in-grown hair and lessen irritation. Try to use razors with handles that have a good grip. The last thing you want is for your razor to slip in your hand while you’re shaving and cutting your scalp.


When you’re ready to shave, pick an area that you can easily see in the mirror so that you can get a feel for the action. Use slow and steady strokes that go with the grain of your hair for the first pass. For a closer shave, you can go against the grain. Be sure to add more shaving gel if you’re going over an area twice — you never want to place a razor on your scalp without gel because it can cause irritation, which is known as razor burn.

Take your time with your strokes and follow the contour of your head. Let the razor glide across your scalp and don’t push down on it. Be sure to identify areas where you may have bumps or moles, and shave with caution in those areas. Apply more shaving gel and cover those bumpy areas with your fingers so you’ll go around them.


Once your scalp is smooth all around and you’re satisfied with your effort, wrap your head in a hot towel for a few minutes to soothe your scalp. Then apply aftershave lotion to your scalp. Now that you’re bald, you’ll need to follow some daily rituals to keep your scalp soft and smooth. This includes moisturizing daily and applying sunblock on your scalp if you’re spending any length of time outdoors without a hat or cap.

Remember, your shaved head means the skin on your scalp hasn’t been directly exposed to sunlight and may be more sensitive than you had expected. Depending on your skin, your scalp may break out in bumps the first time you shaved your head. This is a normal reaction. You can help reduce the itchiness and discomfort by using a benzoyl peroxide cleanser.


Avoid the impulse to throw away all of your hair care products just because you’re bald. While you won’t need your comb or brush right now, you’ll need to shampoo your scalp every day. This removes the oils that build up on your scalp as well as keeps your scalp clean.


Now that you have learned how to shave your head and have done so, what will it mean? For starters, you could save hundreds of dollars a year in haircuts and tips. Second, you won’t be the only bald guy around. There are numerous celebrities, personalities, sports stars and other people of note who are rocking the dome just like you. These people include Michael Jordan, Vin Diesel, Patrick Stewart, Howie Mandel, Ben Kingsley and others.

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Also, the public perception of being bald today hints of a combination of personal characteristics. Being bald sows that the person is comfortable and confident with their body. They may appear more organized and neat because they don’t tolerate the messiness of hair. Bald people believe in low maintenance, and it shows. Overall, being bald may give the perception of someone who is in control, which may be attractive to the opposite sex.


Of course, the hair care industry is full of companies that can sell you all types of razors, shaving gels, moisturizers and other products to keep your scalp looking smooth and clean shaven.

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As we’ve mentioned previously, before you can shave, you’ll need shaving gel. Consider’s Every Man Jack’s shaving gel, which is a non-foaming shaving gel that’s designed to give you a close shave every time. The gel works with every skin type, even sensitive skin, and has a light, refreshing scent. The gel’s bottle is made with 50 percent recycled material and is biodegradable. The product is gluten free and non-GMO. The cost is $4.50 for a seven-ounce bottle.


Shaving your head bald just for looks is a personal decision that can drastically change how people view you. Your image could change from a “nice guy” to a confident, in control “tough guy” who knows what he wants in life. How you’re perceived all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish by shaving your head and how you carry yourself afterward.

The process of shaving your head is straightforward and easy, even for first-timers. But you’ll need to be sure your razor blades are new, you follow the steps above, and you don’t rush the shaving. Afterward, you’ll need to develop a good routine of maintaining your scalp through regular shaves, moisturizing and sun protection. Congratulations on the new you!


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