Let’s face it — shaving your balls is no easy task. Luckily, we’re here to teach you how to safely shave your balls! We’ve put together this complete guide on how to shave your balls, based on a lot of research.

Once you’ve finished this guide, you’re going to be thankful that you finally know the right way to do it. We know it’s a taboo subject… but it doesn’t have to be!

Why should I shave my balls?

Honestly, you’re missing out on a lot if you aren’t already shaving down there. A lot of men aren’t too familiar with manscaping, and you might be too nervous to take a razor to one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

It’s actually easier than you think, though! As long as you read an article like this one and do your research, you’ll be able to safely shave your balls if you actually follow the steps. It just may take some trial and error, as well as some patience. But that’s true when you shave any part of your body.

There are so many benefits to shaving your balls, including:

  • It’s less expensive than a wax or laser hair removal
  • You get instant results
  • You’ll have smooth, baby’s-butt-like skin
  • It can improve intimacy with your partner
  • You’ll have a fresh-smelling area (pubic hair collects odor — never a good thing)

Are there any negative side effects to shaving your balls?

Yes, there are some things to watch out for when shaving your balls. These include:

  • Itchy skin
  • Pimples
  • Skin irritation
  • Razor burn
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Nicks and cuts

However, although these are all things to be on the lookout for, they can still be prevented. Following our tips and tricks on how to shave your balls will help you to avoid these side effects!

What should I use to shave my balls?

You can use either a manual razor (the same kind that you would use on your face) or an electric body trimmer. However, we strongly recommend using a normal razor. Yes, it requires more time and effort, but you’ll get a much cleaner and smoother shave!

So, what kind of razor should you use? Well, it can really depend on your preferences. However, you should never use a low-quality razor when you’re shaving down there. The skin in your genital area is so sensitive and more prone to nicks and cuts, so you want to be using something that’s high-quality and good for your skin.

There are two options we offer that would be ideal for shaving your balls.

One is our Great Dane razor. You can get this as a subscription or a one-time order. The Great Dane has 5 blades and is a very high quality razor. The blade head pivots as you use it, so it’s great for shaving around your genital area. Perfect for those hard-to-shave areas! Find our Great Dane razor here.

Another option is our German Shepherd razor. This also comes as a subscription or a one-time order. It has a pivotable head as well, but only has 3 blades — it’s still a great quality, though! It also has anti-drag blades, so you’re less likely to cut yourself. This razor is also perfect for sensitive skin, because it has a Vitamin E and lubricating strip to reduce skin irritation. You can find our German Shepherd razor here.

While the razor is one of the most important things, there are also many other products that you’ll need if you want to know how to properly shave your balls.

These include:

A trimmer

This is a super important step if you’re shaving for the first time. The hair is most likely going to be too long to start shaving right away, and you’re going to need to trim it down first. If you don’t, then the razor blades are just going to get clogged after every single stroke. That’s just annoying, and can easily be prevented by trimming.

A jojoba oil

This is extremely beneficial when you’re using a normal razor. If you apply a little of this before your shaving cream, you will notice that you get a smoother shave. It will also help reduce friction and irritation caused from the razor! Jojoba oil can also help hydrate your skin if you use a little bit afterward, too!

Shaving cream

Make sure you use one that doesn’t have added chemicals or fragrances that aren’t good for sensitive skin. As mentioned before, the skin there is much more sensitive than other areas of the body, so it’s important to use natural products to avoid irritating it.

We offer a shaving gel from Every Man Jack that is naturally derived and fragrance free, so it’s perfect for shaving this sensitive area. Find it here.

An antiseptic

If you’re going to take off most of the hair around the area, this is very important to use. It’s pretty much essential to healing your skin after shaving your balls. This is going to be used as a post-shave product to help with irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs.

However, you do have to use it right after you shave. It also shouldn’t burn or sting when you use it. If you wait to apply it until days after you’ve been irritated, then it’s probably going to sting.

What’s the best way to shave your balls?

There are some important steps to shaving your balls, and if you follow them, you’re likely to get through the process with as few nicks, cuts, and irritation as possible.

First off, you should always shave your balls in the bathtub when you’re using a razor, because you’ll have a lot of stability from the surface, which will prevent slippage.

This is also easiest for clean-up: you can easily rinse the blades off in the water, and simply drain the water when finished.

It’s also important to be in the shower or warm water for a while before shaving, because (similar to when women shave their legs) it’s important to give the hair and skin time to soften so that you can get an easier and closer shave.

Another very important thing to do when shaving your balls is to be sure that you keep your skin pulled tight. Never shave over loose skin. You can very easily cut yourself if you do, but the razor will glide smoothly and snag-free if the skin is pulled taut.

These were mentioned before, but be sure to trim the hair first, then apply a pre-shave oil of your choice. After that, you can apply the shaving cream.

Then… begin shaving!

You can shave it in any direction that feels comfortable for you. The skin on your balls can be a pain to shave sometimes, because the skin is constantly changing to adjust to different temperatures.

When you’re using a razor, be sure that you are rinsing it off frequently to prevent it from getting clogged.

Once you’re done shaving, be sure to rinse off the area and dry it completely. Then, you can apply your antiseptic!

What about ingrown hairs? And how often will I have to shave?

A lot of men find that hair around the genital area tends to grow back at a slower rate than than other hair. You’ll probably only need to shave it every other week, which is good because it can be a pretty annoying thing to have to do!

Besides, it actually isn’t a good idea to shave that area too often. It isn’t recommended to be shaving the area daily, or even every other day. This can cause unnecessary irritation. It’s best to shave no more than once a week, but you may find that you’re able to shave even less often than that.

Additionally, be sure to keep re-applying your antiseptic. You should apply it every day for the first few days after you shave. This makes a big difference in the amount of skin irritation that you’re going to get!

In the areas where hair was thick, you’re probably still going to experience at list a little bit of irritation. That’s normal, though! You can still minimize it with an antiseptic.

As for ingrown hairs, these can be prevented through exfoliation. As your hair is re-growing, be sure to scrub the area with some sort of exfoliating product to loosen and soften the hair. A good exfoliating product is Every Man Jack’s Citrus Scrub, which we actually offer as one of our products. You can find that here.

If you do still get an ingrown hair, you can try to massage it out using a scrub. If that still doesn’t work, tweezers should do the trick. Just be careful!

Again, we know this is a taboo subject… but you finally have a better idea of how to shave your balls the right way! It’s not easy at all, and honestly, it’s something to be proud of. So, share this on social media to help others out too. You’ll be helping to make the subject less taboo… everyone deserves to know how to do this the right way!