At 99 Cent Razor, we are very passionate about helping animals in need, which is why we encourage you to “shave to save“. For every order, we donate $0.99 to the START Rescue Team, located in California, who supports and rescues animals all over the world. Their goal is to reduce the number of animals that die in shelters. So, what’s a great way to show¬†your pet that you love them? By checking out some pet subscription boxes.

We know that our customers are animal lovers because of this, so we want to provide you with some resources for your pets. We have put together a list of six pet subscription boxes for pets to try out for your furry friend. A lot of these also support animals and shelters in need, too!

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Pet Subscription Box

Here are some of the best reasons as to why you should subscribe to a pet subscription box:

  • You receive the best, high quality, all-natural products that are all hand-picked by experts
  • You will receive items that are not always available at your local stores
  • You can skip the hassle of trying to purchase one-of-a-kind items from specialty pet shops
  • You can save a lot of money as the products you receive in your subscription boxes usually cost a fraction of what you would pay at retail
  • It is a lot of fun for you and your pet to both unveil what is inside the box
  • Many subscription boxes offer help for dogs in need and benefit a cause
  • You can support many local businesses, as the products in a subscription box are usually made in the USA by small companies
  • Most subscription boxes contain organic and healthy treats which are great for your pet

Pet Treater

When you subscribe to Pet Treater, your first box doesn’t follow a theme: it’s a welcome box with favorites from previous months! After that, each box follows a theme. Each box usually has a treat and an interactive toy. They also will usually try to throw in extra items like leashes, poop bags, or grooming supplies. Occasionally, there will even be festive attire, costumes, treat throwers, bags, etc.

All treats in the Pet Treater boxes are made in the USA. Pet Treater also works with local shelters and for every box shipped, a toy, bag or treats, blanket, etc. is donated to a shelter that’s in need.

The plans and pricing for Pet Treater are:

  • Purchase a “Try It Out” box for one month for $34.99
  • Subscribe to Pet Treater for $24.99 per box


PawPack sends your pet toys, accessories, treats, and chews each month. They source from high-quality boutique suppliers.

The products in PawPack are all-natural, and a portion of every purchase is donated toward animal rescue shelters. If your pet doesn’t like something in the box, they’ll replace it for you.

The plans and pricing for PawPack are:

  • $25.99 per box for 12 months
  • $31.50 per box for a month-to-month subscription
  • $35 for a one-time purchase


PetGiftBox has monthly themed gift boxes full of chews, toys, treats, and accessories.

With every purchase, you help feed 10 rescue pets. You also can earn and redeem +RewardPoints for goodies or even free boxes. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee — you can send the box back for a full refund.

They offer free shipping, you are billed monthly, and you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

The plans and pricing for PetGiftBox are:

  • $20 per box for 12 months
  • $25 per box for a month-to-month subscription
  • $30 for a one-time purchase

Surprise My Pet

Surprise My Pet sends a monthly box full of toys, treats, and other surprises. Each box helps a dog in need, and Surprise My Pet supports charities such as: Animal Rescue Foundation, New Beginnings Animal Shelter, and Friends of Animals.

The plans and pricing for Surprise My Pet are:

  • $30 per box for 1 month
  • $28 per box for 3 months
  • $24 per box for a year


BarkBox has a different themed box each month, containing 2 toys, 2 all-natural treats and a chew that all fit to the theme. If your dog doesn’t like something that’s in the box, they’ll send you a replacement product for free!

BarkBox even has two options for dogs that really love to chew on their toys: Heavy Chewer and Super Chewer. Heavy Chewer is a free upgrade, while Super Chewer is an additional cost.

The plans and pricing for BarkBox are:

  • $21 per Barkbox for 12 months with free shipping
  • $25 per Barkbox for 6 months with free shipping
  • $29 per Barkbox for 1 month with free shipping
  • You can also choose to add an additional toy to each month’s BarkBox for $9.


PupCrate is one of the pet subscription boxes that is delivered with toys and treats to your pet each month. Their edible treats that are shipped are only made in the USA, and PupCrate is a small family-run business.

The boxes ship the first week of every month and have free shipping. You can also purchase a pre-made box if you don’t like being surprised!

PupCrate boxes have 4-5 items in each box. The products are always all-natural and grainfree, in order to be allergy-conscious for your pets. They also always try to have organic and eco-friendly products.

The plans and pricing for PupCrate are:

  • One month for $29.95
  • 3 months for $85.95
  • A year pre-payment for $330.95

All of these subscriptions are a great way for your pet to get interesting toys and treats, and your contribution goes a long way in helping animals that need better treatment. You can choose which option plan you want to suit your budget. Since you’re going to buy treats and toys for your pets anyway, it might be worth the time to consider one of the options above. The great thing about these organizations is that they offer different payment plans. You can choose a one-off payment for a year or do a monthly subscription. Some of the plans also offer free shipping, so the package comes straight to your door. You don’t have to worry about getting in your car and driving to the grocery store. Not only will your pets thank you for getting them one of these packages but so will the animals that you helped to rescue by making this purchase. Your contribution will go a long way.