So many women are asking the questions “Why are our razors so much more expensive than men’s?” and “Is there even a difference between mens and womens razors?”

Put simply, there IS a difference when it comes to mens vs womens razors, but they don’t necessarily need to be priced differently.

Besides manscaping, men are generally only shaving their faces. Women are shaving multiple parts of their bodies ā€” legs, underarms, and the bikini area. Just from this, it’s only logical that we would need different razors!

There isn’t much of a difference between the blades of the razors themselves, but there are many differences between the handle and surrounding part of the blade!

Why shouldn’t I just share my man’s razor?

Well, you CAN if you really want to. No one is going to stop you!

One of the worst things about doing that though: it’sĀ extremely unhygienic.

Also, it’s very likely that he isn’t going to love the fact that you’re using the same razor he uses on his face to shave your bikini area!

You’re shaving a lot more skin than he is (about 18 times more, actually), so his blades are going to become dull much quicker than they usually would. This might cause him to get more nicks and cuts ā€” especially if he doesn’t know you’re using his razor ā€” because he doesn’t realize that it’s getting dull and when he needs to change the blades!

How much of a difference is there really between mens vs womens razors?

A lot, actually.

The biggest and most obvious difference is that most mens and womens razors differ in color. Womens razors usually are colors like pink or light blue, while mens razors are usually grey, green, black, or dark blue. In reality, this isn’t a difference that matters much at all. Anyone should be able to get any color razor they want to.

While the blades themselves usually won’t be too different, the angle of them and the surrounding area & handle have many differences!

A men’s razor usually has a greater blade angle, because they’re usually just shaving their face. Facial hair is much thicker than any of the hair that women shave, so the hair requires more of an effort when it’s being cut.

As for women’s razors, they usually have a greater arc in them so that you can easily see your skin when you’re trying to shave, like on the backs of the legs. Men are easily able to see their entire face in the mirror, but since women shave in the shower, it’s a bit trickier!

All in all, try to opt for your gender-specific razor. It might not seem like that big of a deal to you, but it can make a huge difference for your hair and skin!


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