At 99 Cent Razor, we’re passionate about good causes that help people or animals. That’s why we partner with START Rescue, and donate $0.99 of every order to START Rescue — an organization in California that helps re-home animals from high-kill shelters.

We’re passionate about all charities, though, which is why we have put together this list of over 20 cause marketing examples throughout the 2000s!

We think these are some of the best examples of cause marketing — these companies are spreading awareness and raising money for amazing charities, while creating brand recognition of their own brand at the same time. What could be better than that?

So, you might be asking… What exactly is cause marketing?

Cause marketing is a type of corporate social responsibility, where a company’s promotional campaign has a dual purpose of increasing profitability while bettering society. (Wikipedia)

So, without further ado:

20+ of the Best Cause Marketing Examples Throughout the 2000’s

Arctic Home

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Who: Coca-Cola & World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

About the Campaign: As I’m sure you’ve noticed, a Polar Bear has always been Coca-Cola’s unofficial mascot. So when they learned that polar bears were in danger of losing their home, they teamed up with WWF to raise money for conservation efforts and research. This would help preserve the melting ice caps where the polar bears roam and hunt for survival.

Most of the funds were collected through text messages — consumers texted package codes, which contributed $1 per message. The first two years raised over $3 million.

Soar With Reading

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Who: JetBlue & FirstBook

About the Campaign: Soar With Reading was created to inspire and encourage children’s imaginations. JetBlue donates money to FirstBook to provide books to children in low-income neighborhoods.

The Soar With Reading program also helps provide educators and students with diverse books to promote learning.

The Soar With Reading program ended up reaching their goal of $2.75 million in book donations!

Save Lids to Save Lives

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Who: Yoplait & Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

About the Campaign: This is an annual campaign during September and October. Consumers are invited to mail in their yogurt container lid, and for each one collected, Yoplait donates 10 cents to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Since launching in 1999, Yoplait has donated for $26 million!

Make Safe Happen

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Who: Nationwide Insurance, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, & Safe Kids Worldwide

About the Campaign: The three organizations strive to save children from injuries and death caused by accidents within their own homes. They make an effort to inform parents about how to make their homes safer by giving safety tips on their website and their app, as well as hosting home-safety events across the nation.

Make Safe Happen has educated hundreds of thousands of concerned parents through this cause marketing, and plans to continue raising awareness by informing the general public, instead of raising money.

Warby Parker’s Buy a Pair, Give a Pair

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Who: Warby Parker, working with numerous healthcare and medical-related organizations

About the Campaign: Warby Parker’s Buy a Pair, Give a Pair promotion is simple: for each pair of glasses they sell, they will donate to their nonprofit partners to cover the cost of sourcing a pair of glasses.

In addition to the donation, their partners train men and women in developing countries on how to give basic eye exams and sell glasses at affordable prices. This is helping to make eye care more readily available.

Vodka for Dog People

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Who: Tito’s Handmade Vodka & Emancipet

About the Campaign: Tito’s Handmade Vodka began a partnership with Emancipet to help care for dogs. They created a cause-related website to raise money and awareness for their nonprofit.

On this site, supporters can buy pet and human products with the Tito’s logo on them — like leashes, toys, and t-shirts.

The net proceeds of these products go to Emancipet!

Starbucks & Global Fund to Fight AIDS

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Who: Starbucks & the Global Fund to Fight AIDS

About the Campaign: For dontions of their (STARBUCKS)RED campaigns, Starbucks donates the money to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

These funds are sent to coffee-growing communities in Africa to help treat and prevent AIDS. Starbucks has donated more than $14 million since the partnership began.

It Gets Better Project

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Who: It Gets Better Project

About the Campaign: The It Gets Better Project strives to inform and support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth by reassuring that life will get better for them.

This project encourages individuals to get involved in numerous ways, such as making a donation, signing a pledge, creating an inspirational video, and more!

The movement has more than 50,000 user created videos that have been viewed more than 50 million times.

100% for the Planet / 1% for the Planet

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Who: Patagonia

About the Campaign: Patagonia has two different missions: 1% for the Planet and 100% for the Planet.

Their 1% for the Planet is ongoing — since 1985, they have been pledging 1% of all sales to nonprofit environmental groups as a member of 1% for the Planet. That has added up to $74 million in cash donations!

On Black Friday in 2016, Patagonia donated 100% of sales to grassroots organizations working to create positive change for the planet in their own backyards.

Operation Safe Return

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Who: Jeep & United Service Organizations

About the Campaign: Jeep established the SAFE Return fund to provide secure transport of troops and supplies, aid for transition to civilian life, freedom-celebrating homecoming events, and enduring care of wounded veterans.

$250 of every 2013 Jeep Wrangler, Wrangler Unlimited, and Patriot Freedom Edition vehicle is donated to the SAFE Return fund. Jeep has given over $1 million in donations and vehicles.


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Who: Arby’s & Share Our Strength

About the Campaign: PurposeFULL is a point of sale campaign — Arby’s asks for donations during the sale of an item. The campaign focuses on $1 donations that can provide food for 10 meals.

So far, Arby’s has raised over $15 million for the organization Share Our Strength. The money goes to help feed children in America.

The #UNSelfie movement by #Giving Tuesday

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Who: Giving Tuesday

About the Campaign: Giving Tuesday is a holiday that falls after Black Friday and Cyber Monday — it’s a day where people are encouraged to give back to their communities.

The #UNselfie movement was created as a way for individuals, nonprofit organizations, and corporations to engage in and showcase their charitable actions on social media.

These two initiatives have raised over $116.7 million online and has led to 1.3 million social media mentions.

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

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Who: Dove (a brand of Unilever)

About the Campaign: Dove has been on an ongoing mission to help women look and feel beautiful through their Real Beauty campaign. They accomplish this through offering care products and educational workshops that focus on the value of body image and self-worth.

More than 625,000 teachers have delivered a Dove self-esteem workshop, and more than 1.5 million parents have engaged with its online content.

Lemonade Giveback

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Who: Lemonade Insurance

About the Campaign: The mission of The Lemonade Giveback is to transform insurance from a necessary evil to a social good.

Basically, when you get a Lemonade policy, you select a nonprofit that you care about. Once a year, the company will tally up any unclaimed money left from anyone who chose that specific cause, and give that money back to the nonprofit.

Faces of Diabetes

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Who: Faces of Diabetes

About the Campaign: The Faces of Diabetes partnered with several local businesses to launch a point of sale cause marketing campaign.

Faces of Diabetes collected donations and raised awareness about living with diabetes through this partnership with many local businesses in Alabama.

Partners in Preservation

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Who: American Express & National Trust for Historic Preservation

About the Campaign: American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation partnered together to increase the public’s awareness of the importance of historic preservation in the U.S., and to preserve America’s historic and cultural places.

Together, they have committed $19 million, helping historic places in eight cities: San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Seattle, Saint Paul/Minneapolis, New York, and Washington, D.C. They also have engaged more than a million people!

The Walk to End Breast Cancer

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Who: Reebok & Avon 39

About the Campaign: The Avon 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer is a 39 mile walk held each year to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. Reebok is the national sponsor of the events. The events have raised over $500 million for breast cancer prevention and research.

Red Kettle Campaign

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Who: The Salvation Army Southern Territory & DipJar

About the Campaign: The Red Kettle campaign by Salvation army is something that everyone is probably familiar with — these red kettles or buckets are outside of department stores and other shops to receive donations.

They recently partnered with DipJar, so that they can start accepting donations via credit cards. These branded DipJars were placed beside registers at local coffee shops and other retailers.

Month of Giving

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Who: Jersey Mike’s

About the Campaign: Jersey Mike’s doesn’t only partner with one nonprofit organization — managers of each franchise location are able to donate money to a local nonprofit organization of their choosing.

This campaign invites customers to stop by their nearby Jersey Mike’s to make donations to the local charity.

On the Day of Giving, Jersey Mike’s donates 100% of its sales that day to the nonprofit they chose.

Since 2011, over $12 million has been raised by Jersey Mike’s.

Red Nose Day & Walgreen’s

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Who: Red Nose Day & Walgreen’s

About the Campaign: This campaign originated in the United Kingdom, but ended up taking the United States by storm.

In 2016, the campaign raised $18 million through the sale of over 12 million red noses at Walgreen’s stores.

Proceeds from the red nose sales and additional fundraising events will go toward helping lift children out of poverty in the United States.

Heart Healthy Meals

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Who: Subway & American Heart Association

About the Campaign: Subway was the first fast food restaurant to meet the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Meal Certification Program’s strict standards. In turn, they gained the right to have the Heart Healthy Meal seal!

The annual cost of getting a single product certified by the American Heart Association is $5,000.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Who: ALS Association

About the Campaign: The iconic videos circulating social media of people dumping buckets of ice water on their heads was all thanks to this campaign.

In an effort to explain how someone feels with the ALS disease (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), the founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — Chris Kennedy — posted the first video to raise money for researching a cure for the disease.

He nominated his friends to do the same, and the challenge took off from there!

As a result, $115 million were donated to the ALS Association and 67% of that is going directly toward ALS disease research.