You’re not alone. Many men buy body wash based on price or gimmick and ultimately spend years unable to find one that really works for them.

Despite what you may think, those advertisers are right. Not all body washes are the same. Each brand and product range is made of different ingredients designed to impact the way you experience the soap and your shower.

Want to find a product you love? Here’s what you need to know about buying the right body wash and a list of some of the best products available.


Body wash is just soap in liquid form, right? Kind of.

There’s a bit to know about body wash because your skin is a sensitive organ, and what you put on it affects the way you look and feel (and smell).

Here are some things to look out for when you’re looking for a body wash:


Do you sweat a lot? In other words, do you stink by the end of the day?

If you do, regular old soap will sometimes do the trick, but choosing a body wash with a deodorizer is a better bet.

Most body washes will mask the scent rather than attack what’s causing the smell in the first place. The difference between the two is smelling fresh for a few hours or smelling fresh all day.


Do you have dry, tight skin during the winter or all year? You can relieve it by adding an extra boost of moisture via your body wash.

Look for one with moisturizing properties for softer, smoother skin.


Men’s body washes are infamous for scents. Some are heavily fragranced while others have little to no scent. Be wary of how scents affect your skin; if you experience breakouts or rashes, it may be the result of your scented body wash.Enter your text here...


Do you buy the closest shower gel to you in the store and call it good? Stop.

Here are some great products to check out. One of these is bound to be the right product for you.


best body wash for men

Dove’s Men + Care range is designed to be more than a regular soap that leaves you feeling clean. It also includes moisturizing properties designed for men’s skin that works as you lather up. You’ll like this product if you want your skin to feel both soft and clean. 

This range is also different from many of the other pharmacy products you’d buy for your skin because it’s designed to protect your skin. It’s the kind of product you’d look for if you want something closer to what a dermatologist would recommend without spending extra money or buying products from a beauty counter.

The Dove body wash does have a scent — the manufacturers use menthol for a “fresh” and clean feeling. It’s not unscented, but it is not as heavily scented as many other products.

Order Dove's men + Care Online


best body wash for men

Looking for a shampoo and shower gel in one? You’ll find it in the NIVEA Men Platinum Protect body wash. Plus, you’ll get an additional deodorizer.

The NIVEA body wash is for those of you who struggle with body odor or who sweat a lot during the day. It doesn’t just mask bad smells; the body wash removes the substances causing the odor for a cleaner feel and smell.

It does have soap and an Ocean Burst scent, so this may not be for you if you have sensitive or dry skin.


best body wash for men

Are you ethically-minded but aren’t willing to give up a good cleanse for some of those earthier products?

Every Man Jack in Cedarwood might be your shower gel. Unlike many of the big soap manufacturers, Every Man Jack isn’t tested on animals. It’s made of only non-GMO products and the bottle is sustainably made from recycled materials and is biodegradable.

The Cedarwood scent is natural and beguiling and it lingers lightly after your shower. This is also a great product if you have dry skin and already have a go-to moisturizer because it cleanses without ripping all the moisture out of your skin.


best body wash for men

The same rules apply for Every Man Jack’s Signature Mint. Its biodegradable bottle contains a freshly scented cleansing body wash that isn’t tested on animals.

If Cedarwood isn’t your jam, you might like the Signature Mint.


best body wash for men

If you haven’t heard of or tried Axe, you may have been living under a rock. It has been and continues to be the most recognizable men’s body wash brand in the world due to its unique range of scents and of course its memorable advertising campaigns.

Axe’s Apollo is one of the best men’s body wash products available. It’s heavily fragranced, but it smells less like a teenage boy fell face first into some aftershave and more like a crisp, masculine, and just clean scent perfect for heading out the door in the morning or crawling into bed after a long day.

The Apollo scent is a mild herbal scent derived from sage, mandarin, and sandalwood, and the pump provides just the right amount of body wash needed.

Who’s Axe for?

It’s for men who want to smell good — really good — without all the trappings of dermatologically tested products.


best body wash for men

Looking for a classic body wash without all the bells and whistles and marketing gimmicks? Throw it back to the classic men’s soap — Irish Spring.

Irish Spring used to be known as a classic bar soap. It was the kind of soap your dad and granddad used — simple, masculine, and able to get the job done. Irish Spring has a fresh scent that cuts through odors and leaves you feeling clean for up to 24 hours.';

This one is for you if you want to get in the shower, lather up, and get out feeling clean as fast as possible. Done and dusted with no fuss.


The best body wash for men isn’t necessarily the one right in front of you. There’s a good chance there’s a body wash out there designed for your skin. Maybe it’s even one of these. Have you tried any of these body washes? What’s most important to you?

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