​Beard oil is a product you can add to your everyday grooming routine that will completely change the look and feel of your beard — for the better! Beard oils are known to hydrate both your beard and the skin underneath it, as well as getting rid of beard dandruff. But, do ALL beard oils get the job done? Not necessarily. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of the best beard oil ingredients to look for when you’re purchasing a beard oil, as well as a few of our top picks for beard oils!

​Best Beard Oil Ingredients

Olive Oil

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​We all know how great olive oil can be when used in cooking — imagine the wonders that it can do for your skin and beard. A beard oil needs just the smallest amount of olive oil for it to transform your dry beard. It will no longer look and feel like a prickly bush!

​Flax Seed Oil

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​Also known as Linseed Oil, this helps with beard growth. So if you’re trying to grow your beard, this is definitely an ingredient to look for!

​Argan Oil

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​Argan oil is an active ingredient in many skin moisturizers, and there’s a good reason for that. Argan oil is high in Vitamin E, and does an excellent job at hydrating your skin. A big reason why it’s great in beard oils is because it is an oil that’s non-greasy and non-irritating. This is great because it will absorb into your skin without leaving a gross, greasy feeling behind!

​Shea Butter

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​There are so many benefits associated with shea butter — it might even be the best beard oil ingredient out there. Even if you have a crazy and unmanageable beard, shea butter can help transform your beard into a soft and tangle-free beard. You’ll find that you (or your partner) won’t be able to stop touching it! Shea butter has multiple hydrating properties, which help it to look manageable throughout the entire day. It will always look like you just brushed it!

​Castor Oil

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​Castor oil is a popular ingredient found in all-natural beard oils. It will quickly penetrate the skin underneath your beard, and helps tame dry and coarse hair. Castor oil will help to eliminate dandruff (or “beardruff”). You’ll end up with much less breakage to your hair, which means you’ll have a fuller and better feeling beard.

​Safflower Oil

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​Safflower oil acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory.

​Borage Oil

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​Borage oil is great for skin that is prone to eczema.

​Essential Oils

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​Using a beard oil that’s making good use out of essential oils is a great defense against dry skin. The essential oils will soften your hair and will actually act like a conditioner. They will also keep your skin underneath in pristine condition — and when your skin is healthy, your beard will get healthy, too. You’ll find that you have to do less beard maintenance than you did before.

​Almond Oil

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​Almond oil will help to straighten and soften your facial hair, whether you have coarse or fine hair. It also won’t leave behind split ends or tangles. It’s going to make your skin look and feel healthier, while stimulating facial hair growth.

​Jojoba Oil

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​Sometimes, the reason why someone finds it difficult to grow a beard is because it gets so itchy that you shave it off before it can even start growing. That’s where jojoba oil will help. If you don’t attack the itching at the source, you’re going to get dandruff, or “beardruff.” Jojoba oil is going to moisturize your skin, which will help stop itching and reduce dandruff. You’ll finally be able to grow a beard because you won’t want to shave it off right away!

​Best Beard Oils to Check Out

​Every Man Jack Sandalwood Beard Oil from 99 Cent Razor

Every Man Jack’s Sandalwood Beard Oil is a great choice. It includes multiple ingredients that you should look out for in beard oils — Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Flax Seed Oil (Linseed Seed Oil), Borage Oil, Essential Oils, and Shea Butter. It will condition and soften your beard, while hydrating and soothing your skin. It even has essential oils of rosemary and sage!

Some of the best parts of the Every Man Jack beard oil are that it’s cruelty free, non-GMO, gluten free, and the bottle is made with 50% recycled materials and is biodegradable.

The best part is that when you purchase from 99 Cent Razor, $0.99 of your order will go to help save rescue animals.

​Leven Rose Beard Oil

The Leven Rose Beard Oil also includes two of the ingredients that the best beard oil will contain: jojoba oil and argan oil.

This beard oil will moisturize your hair and skin and eliminate itching and dandruff. The one linked is fragrance free if you’re sensitive to fragrances, but they also offer beard oils in other scents, such as Escape, Spiced Sandalwood, and Zen.

​Smooth Viking Beard Oil

So, what of the best beard oil ingredients does Smooth Viking’s beard oil contain? Olive Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E are all in this beard oil.

Smooth Viking’s beard oil is designed to soften stiff and unruly beards, and is easy to use.

​St. Pierre’s Beard Oil in Original Delight

St. Pierre’s beard oil contains these best beard oil ingredients: jojoba oil and Vitamin E.

The beard oil is also available in Oakmoss Sandalwood and Urban Cowboy. It’s sure to have your beard stay well-kept!

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Hydrate that beard of yours!