New beauty tips and tricks that you hear about from friends, family, or Pinterest may seem fun and interesting. However, some of these health and beauty tricks can be bad for your skin/hair or even dangerous to try. Here are some beauty tips that we have discovered you probably should not try.

Using baking soda as an exfoliator or face mask

If you use baking soda on your face, you can create scratches and small tears in your skin. This allows bacteria to get in there and cause more problems than you started with. It can also cause in imbalance in your skin’s pH! If you’re looking for a natural exfoliator or face mask, use fruits and yogurts (like the one in the video below).

Using Preparation H under the eyes

Models and beauty experts swear by this to minimize their under-eye bags and wrinkles. While it may be safe to use on your face, you’re spending an unnecessary extra amount of money for a product that’s meant for something else.

Setting your makeup with hairspray

Doing this can clog your pores, giving you breakouts and skin irritation. You also shouldn’t be getting hairspray near your eyes or mouth, so definitely steer clear of this “hack.” Use a setting spray instead, like this one. They’re much safer and are still affordable.

Using glue to remove blackheads

For starters, you really should not try to remove your blackheads because they aren’t harming your skin, and trying to make them go away can actually cause more irritation. Even though it’s non-toxic, putting glue on your face still isn’t healthy. It will clog your pores more than the blackheads were, and can harm your skin when you’re pulling it off. If you do want to remove blackheads, opt for a nose strip instead, like these ones.

Popping your pimples

Popping pimples creates acne scars. Instead, use an acne cream and always keep your pores clean and free of dirt.

Using makeup wipes in place of a cleanser

Since you aren’t rinsing your face after using a makeup wipe, the chemicals stay on your face. People with dry or sensitive skin will especially be prone to breakouts when opting for a makeup wipe rather than also using a cleanser.

Putting lemons on your face

Using lemons for brighter skin or to get rid of freckles has become popular recently. However, the acids from them can damage your skin in the long run. It can strip your skin of natural oils, thus drying it out, and cause irritation.

Dry shaving

Dry shaving is never a good idea. You should always use a moisturizing shaving cream or gel so that the razor will glide over your skin. This also helps to avoid nicks and cuts in the skin. You also shouldn’t just rely on a bar of soap — it doesn’t create enough of a lather to allow the razor to glide over your skin.

Not moisturizing oily skin

If you have oily skin, when it feels dry, your skin will create more oil to make up for that. So, to control the oils, moisturize your skin with a light face lotion.

Brushing your hair a lot

beauty tips that don't work, brushing too much

Brushing your hair too often strips it of essential oils. You’ll also end up with frizzy and damaged hair.