When it comes to your beard grooming kit, you might think that you don’t even need one. As long as you have a razor you’re good to go… right?

Well, you might want to re-think that. There are so many products that can go into a beard grooming kit that can help you out so much. You can keep things for your body in it, too!

A beard grooming kit could have products in it that you never thought you would need, but will be so grateful for once you do use them. Check out our suggestions below. We offer all of these products, and there’s a coupon at the bottom that you can use, so make sure you check everything out! Your beard — and body — will thank you.

​A quality razor

This is the most obvious on the list, so of course it needs to go first on the list to be in your beard grooming kit. Even if you like to keep a full beard, it’s still good to keep a razor on hand for trims and unwanted hair. You never know when you might get the sudden urge to start shaving!

It’s also important to get a quality razor, not just the cheapest one that you can find. But what if you could get a quality razor that’s affordable too? You’re in luck: shop razors here to find the best one for you. You’ll be helping to donate money to rescue animals, too! What’s better than that?

​Beard Oil

You might be thinking “what do I need beard oil for?,” especially if you’ve never used it. Beard oil really helps to condition and soften your beard, while hydrating and soothing your skin. If you add this to your beard grooming kit, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start before.

If you have a special someone in your life, they’ll be super grateful that you started using it too!

You can find our beard oil here.

​Beard Wash

Yes, you could just wash your face like normal and call it a day. But a special beard wash will hydrate and condition your hair/skin, too!

Find our beard wash here to add it to your beard grooming kit.

​Body Wash

This is obviously an essential, too! You need to keep your skin feeling, looking, and smelling it’s best. Every Man Jack body wash is perfect — we offer it in two different scents that smell AMAZING. It won’t over-dry it, either.

Why would this be in a beard grooming kit? Making sure your skin is clean is the first step to a perfect shave.

Find your new favorite body wash here.

​Body Scrub

This is one that, again, you might not think you need. However, it doubles as a shower gel and does an amazing job at exfoliating your skin. It comes in an incredible citrus scent, too.

Find our citrus body scrub here.

​A Great-Smelling Deodorant

Another must-have. The deodorant we offer will get you feeling and smelling clean. It also has cotton extract and witch hazel to absorb your wetness! What more could you want from a deodorant?

Obviously, this doesn’t really help you with your shave, but it’s good to keep in your beard grooming kit because you’ll always remember to use it if it’s in your kit.

Find Every Man Jack’s fresh scent deodorant here.

​Shave Gel

It’s never a good idea to do a dry shave, so get a quality shave gel.

A non-foaming one will give you a close shave every time, and will soften and protect your skin.

Ours is affordable, at only $4.50! Find it here.

​Razor Blade Replacements

It’s important to regularly change your razor blades, so make sure you always have extras on hand! A subscription is the best way to do that.

Happy shaving!


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