What is a Shave Club?

Removing hair can be a problem for both genders. Any hair removal technique has its advantages or disadvantages. Some hair removal is painful, some expensive, and some don’t last very long. The majority of people still turn to their trusty razor to get the job done...

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Winter Skin Care Rituals to Save Your Skin

Low temperatures, dry air, and wind during cold winter days have a negative effect on the skin. During winter, skin becomes irritated, rough and without the glow, it peels off, redness occurs or intensifies, and capillaries enlarge due to changes from hot to cold air....

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The Best Way to Shave Your Neck

Taking a stroll around a majority of men beard forums paints a bleak picture of how much trouble men go through in getting a close enough shave. When it comes to shaving, the neck is one of the most problematic areas. Common problems associated with neck shaving...

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