No matter how good your razor is, if you are not taking proper care of it, you're in for some uncomfortable and lousy shaves! Razor care should be an important part of your personal care and shaving routine to give you the smooth, close shave you deserve. Whether you're shaving your legs, facial hair, armpits, or other delicate areas, you're going to want your razor to be in tip-top shape. 

Find out what simple steps you can take to make your razor last longer, save you money and literally saving your sensitive skin. 


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Simple razor care steps

Start off right

Before you do anything, you want to make sure that your face is prepped to help make your razors job easier. Rinse your face with hot water, this will soften the hair follicles so your razor doesn't have to work so hard. Apply shave cream or shave gel to the area so your razor can smoothly glide across your skin with little resistance. 

Rinse and repeat

After every couple of swipes while shaving, rinse the blade under running water. Clogged hair not only blocks your razor from getting at other hairs, it also causes repeated friction and pressure, effectively dulling your blade.

Clean after shaving

Using hot water at a higher pressure, run water through the blades from the back. If hairs are still stuck, angle the blade 45 degrees to get into those harder to clear spots.

Rinsing Razor

Avoid rust

With all of the rinsing, water is a fundamental part of keeping your blades sharp. However, after shaving water can be detrimental. Water rusts steel and initiates lockjaw on razor's pivot points.

As soon as you finish rinsing the blade for the final time, dry your blade on using a towel (with the grain, so as not to cut yourself). If you have it on hand, reach for a hair dryer to speed the process up and remove any remaining hairs.

Give it a safe space

Keep your blade safe while in the most humid room in the house. Try keeping it in a ziplock back or inside a drawer for an extra layer of protection from the moisture.

Toss it when it gets rough

All razors have a termination date regardless of care. When it’s time to let it go, toss it. If you feel the razor drag on your face, it’s time. When going with the grain, it should glide. If you feel any pull on it, it’s likely time to hit the spring-loaded eject and replace with one of your monthly subscription of cartridges delivered to your door.


Ever wonder why you keep getting razor bumps and razor burns after you shave? Are you regularly getting painful nicks or coming away from your shave with skin that's not that smooth?  Are ingrown hairs the bane of your existence? 

A properly cared for razor with a sharp edge can go a long way towards a smooth, pain-free shave!


While there are a number of ways to prolong the life of your razor, like everything in this world it can't live forever. Knowing when it's the right time to say goodbye to your razor is key.

There are a few signs that it might be time to switch out your razor for a new one:

  • There is noticeable rust or soap scum on the blade
  • When you are shaving, the blade drags and pulls at your skin instead of gliding 
  • You start to experience excessive skin irritation
  • Your skin no longer feels smooth after shaving

Too Much Maintenance? 

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