You’ve seen the ads on TV and the internet for all those affordable shave clubs promising men cheap, quality razors to “shave time and shave money.” Only problem is that their ad targeting is missing about 50% of the population….

The only mention of females whatsoever in most shave club promotions is as their over-sexualized eye candy. “Join our shave club and get hot women,” they imply. Yet, they totally ignore the needs of those very women and graze over them as if their day-to-day is less significant than that of the fellas. (You have to wonder where the women being used in their campaigns purchase their razors — it surely isn’t from their “boys only” shave clubs.) Because we’re not just those men’s sisters, moms, girlfriends, or wives. Women are humans, too. And gosh darn it… we deserve a shave club for women!

Well, thanks to 99 Cent Razor, our “dollar shave club for women” dreams have made the leap into a reality. This isn’t just a step for women razor buyers, but a leap for all razor buyer kind!

If you want to cut to the chase before reading, check out our razors for women here. The best part about ordering from us (besides the fact that we offer women’s razors) is that with each order, you’re able to choose a charity that you’d like your order to help benefit — there are 30 to choose from! Read more about our giving back initiative here.

Revolutionizing the Shave Club for Women

dollar shave club for women

Us ladies want our legs to be smooth to the touch as we kick at that glass ceiling. We want to have the convenience of basic hygiene products sent right to our homes without having to think about it.

After all, we’re too busy fighting for our own women’s health rights in politics and equality in the workplace to worry about those highway robbery costs of ladies’ razors at the drugstore. If it’s true we truly are only making 70 cents to every man’s dollar, we ought to only be spending 99 cents on razors. Plus…why should shave clubs for men get all the fun? (I thought it was girls that just wanna have fun, anyway.)

Women don’t want shave clubs exclusive to either just men or just women. We want a place where men and women can go to find affordable and easy razors sent to them each month without a fuss. That’s what I like to think is a bit of #ShavingFeminism. Equality of the razor for all the boys and girls!

Get Rid of That Unwanted Hair

Okay, so both men and women have been removing body hair for centuries. Even the cavemen used porcupines and clam shells to remove those pesky unwanted hairs. But we aren’t cave-dwellers anymore and we deserve more. Modern gents and ladies juggle careers, college, kids, personal lives and everything in between in ever-slimming gender role gaps. That’s why we expect to be able to find shave clubs for girls (just like the boys) that allow us to:


Now that there’s finally a razor club for women, we can finally use that time and money for better things in life. These things include crushing the matriarchy, buying that purse we’ve had our eye on or simply finally finishing the newest episode of American Horror Story.

99 Cent Razor isn’t just a dollar shave club for women….it’s an amazing shaving club for EVERYONE!