Even if you’ve been shaving for years, sometimes it can be hard to get that really smooth shave. You know, the one where your legs feel like baby’s skin after you’re done?

From shaving dry to using long strokes, there could be a lot of reasons why your legs never feel smooth after you shave them.

Here are 12 hacks that are sure to give you those smooth feeling legs that you’ve always wanted!


Never Shave Dry

Shaving dry increases your risk for cuts and irritations. It’s really never a good idea, even as a last resort.

Don’t Use Soap in Place of Shaving Cream/Gel

Soap COULD be used as a last resort if you truly don’t have any other options. However, it’s still not a very good idea. Soap is extremely drying on the skin, especially when you’re using it to shave with. Shaving gel is your best option.

Exfoliate Before Shaving

Even though shaving technically exfoliates your skin, you should still take the step to exfoliate before shaving. It will get rid of your dead skin cells so that they aren’t clogging up your razor… making it easier to shave!

Keep Skin Protected From the Sun

This is a tip that should be applied in general, not just for shaving! You should always wait at least 24 hours before going out in the sun for an extended period of time with freshly shaved skin. The exfoliated and fresh skin from shaving is much more sensitive to the sun!

Try Razors With A Moisturizing Strip

Using a razor with a moisturizing strip or aloe strip gives you extra protection against razor burn.

Use Short Strokes

Especially if you’re in hard to navigate areas, like your knees!

Shave Downward, Then Upward

We know, everyone always says this but never actually does it. But, if you have sensitive skin, you really SHOULD shave downward first. It reduces irritation a ton.

Always Use a Fresh Razor/Blades — Don’t Let Them Get Dull

Dull blades are really known for causing irritation. Change razors (or razor blades) as often as you can!

Be Careful When Using a Fresh Blade

Definitely be gentle when you change your blade to prevent nicks and cuts.

Keep The Plastic Cover On Blades When You Aren’t Shaving

They come with the cover for a reason! Keeping it on when you aren’t shaving helps keep debris out of the blades.

Shave Daily (Or As Often As Needed)

Practice makes perfect! The more often you shave, the easier it will get.

Use After-Shaving Treatments

Lotions, oils, etc.





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