There are so many beauty hacks every girl should know, it’s hard to narrow them into one list! Being a girl can be hard, but these simple makeup hacks make it easier! Here’s a list of the best 10 beauty hacks that we think you need to know.

Set Your Lipstick to Make It Last

Image Source: the Buzz Tube

Get your makeup to last longer by putting a tissue over your lips after applying. Then, lightly dust a translucent powder over the tissue. Your lipstick should last much longer than it usually does!

Make Your Eyeliner Wings Even Every Time

The hard part about winged eyeliner for most people is getting both eyes to look even. A trick to doing this is to simply put a dot where you want the wing to start at on both eyes before filling them in!

Easily Remove Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter nail polish looks great, but it’s such a pain to get off that most people don’t even bother to use it. There’s a super easy solution to this! Just apply a layer of glue to your nails before your polish. When you’re ready for the polish to come off, just peel it!

Your manicure obviously won’t last as long, but it beats having to scrub the glitter polish off for what feels like hours.

Use Lip Balm on Shaving Nicks

If you’re in a rush, this could really help any cuts you may get when shaving! It helps to stop the bleeding and is said to help it heal faster.

Apply Perfume in These Spots to Make It Last All Day

  • Behind ears
  • Base of neck
  • Inside elbows
  • Inside wrists
  • Behind knees

Keep Makeup Remover on Your Nightstand

There are nights when you forget to take off your makeup until you’re already comfortable in bed, and figure you’ll just sleep with your makeup on because you don’t want to get back up. That’s so bad for your skin, though, even if you just do it once! The simple solution? Keep a pack of makeup remover wipes on your nightstand for the nights that you forget to take it off. Your skin will thank you later!

Use a White Eyeliner or Cream Shadow to Make Eyeshadow Pop

Image Source: TanishaBhuyan

Applying a white eyeliner or cream eyeshadow to your entire lid before using colorful eyeshadow will make the colors much more vibrant. NYX has a great one that you can find here!

Apply Concealer in a Triangle When Covering Dark Circles

A lot of people just put dots of concealer under their eyes, but you should be applying it in a triangle shape. This will give your eyes a bigger lift!

Create Natural Waves in Your Hair Without Any Heat

Image Source: xojane

We had to include some beauty hacks for hair in here, too! Just put your hair into tight braids before going to bed. When you wake up, take out the braids, scrunch your hair, lightly apply hairspray, and voilà! You have natural looking waves without having to use any heat.

Create a Straight Part in Your Hair Every Time

If you’re wondering why you can never seem to get a straight part, you’re probably thinking about it too much! When you’re trying to make a straight part, take the comb from your forehead to your crown — and do it FAST! Doing it slowly just causes your hand to get wobbly, making the part crooked.

We hope you enjoyed our 10 beauty hacks that every girl should know! Do you think we missed something? Leave a comment with your favorite beauty hacks and makeup hacks that you think every girl should know!